Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 23 and 24

Wednesday morning, after checking out the doll house, we got going on cookie baking. We started with the gingerbread cookies.
Jake arrived in time for the sugar cookies with sprinkles.
In the afternoon, during kids nap time, the big kids added icing features to the gingerbread animals. We had dinner out and then went to Zoo Lights in Tacoma.
Christmas Eve the kids played in the morning while Corey and Jill shopped and Tom and I cooked. Then about 2:00 we headed to Gig Harbor for Christmas Eve with Tom's sister Jan.
We had fresh crab and steak for dinner. Yum. And then the twins cleaned up the kitchen.
There were plenty of cookies and Tom's famous hazel nut torte for dessert. Irene liked the chocolate leaves.
Auntie Jan loves the precious time she has with her grand niece and nephew.
Back at our house, we put out magic reindeer food.
One final pop up book with Grandpa before it was time for bed.
Christmas Day was a whirl of activity, with Isaac and I the first ones up to peek under the tree. The 42 pound box that Jill and Corey shipped to Seattle is now being shipped back to Fort Morgan weighing 60 pounds!
Jill and the kids left very early Tuesday morning, and Tom and I have been slowly getting back to normal. We haven't undecorated yet, but the house is cleaned and laundry done. The leftovers supplied several meals but now they're gone, and today I made a run to the grocery store. Left over cookies have been stashed in the freezer.
- My back problem gave me a lot of trouble and caused me some sleepless nights, so I'm back to doing my exercises and getting some recliner time in hopes of alleviating the discomfort. This evening we'll sit and watch the first installment of Planet Earth on our new Blu-Ray player. Tomorrow I'll unpack my new toy, and that will be another posting.
We're moving on, headed for a new year and a new decade.


  1. I'm sure you know what a wonderful gift you're giving your grandchildren with all the pictures of the wonderful times you're having together. I love grandpa's socks!

  2. There must have been many happy memories made over Christmas! How fun to have the grandchildren there with you. Sounds as if there is never a dull moment! I like the photo of the last book before bedtime, very sweet photo and I love Grandpa's socks!

  3. P.S. I forgot to mention how nice the header photo is!

  4. I love your header, Linda! You are both creating such wonderful memories not only for your grandkids, but your whole family! And everyone has such a good time! Great shots. Hope your back gets to feeling better quickly! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


  5. sounds and looks like a lot of fun was had with family. that makes the holiday special

  6. Nice sweet family pictures.. the bonding between any age in the family is always wonderful to look at...
    coming by to wish U all A Blessed New Year!

  7. Fabulous photos, Linda! Take care of that back. Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR or as we say in Hawaii, HAUOLI MAKAHIKI HOU.

  8. Terrific post, Linda. Just looking at the photos and reading your words made me smile at the joy of it all. What a very precious time this was. Please take care of your back though. I'm glad it got better later.


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