Monday, December 21, 2009

Seahawk Sunday in Seattle

The week we received some free tickets to the Seattle Seahawks football game from a friend who was given them and couldn't use them. We had never been to an NFL game before, only soccer in the stadium, and were eager to experience the 65,000 fan atmosphere. The throngs began on the platform waiting for the light rain train. We arrived at Qwest Fields with a cast of thousands, most dressed in their team colors. The SeaGals, dressed in holiday finery, entertained on the big screen... ...and on the field.
Sounders Soccer goal keeper Kasey Keller was a popular choice to raise the 12th Man Flag, a Seattle tradition.
The National Anthem was sung by a harmonious group.
Rain was in the forecast, but we sat in sunshine and everyone started peeling off layers of clothes. Tom went for water and caramel corn to sustain us.
Everything was great except the game on the field, unfortunately. This has been a bad season getting worse. Early in the fourth quarter, as Seattle suffered another interception, the fans began to leave. But we stuck it out until the final interception in a nearly empty stadium with 7 seconds to go. I guess the final score was Tampa Bay 24, Seattle 7.
But we weren't done. We got back in the train and rode downtown to Westlake Center. We dined at a restaurant in Pacific Place, and then took the sky bridge to Nordstroms.
By now a soft rain was falling, adding to the light effect on the streets.
We strolled around the center, just enjoying a bit of Christmas in the city.
The Bon Marche star is now the Macy's star, but it still shines.
Families were enjoying visits with Santa, riding the carousel, and horse and buggy rides.
By 7:00 we were headed back to the metro station to catch our ride back home, tired but happy. It was a fun Seattle Seahawk Holiday Sunday.
And as for the football team? Well, there's always next year.


  1. Beautiful shots! When we were planning a trip to Seattle last year, my daughter told me Seattle was boring as she had not enjoyed her brief sojourn there a couple of years ago. So we traveled to Tokyo instead.

    But these photos are so marvelous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. sounds like a fun time even if your team didn't win. like the christmas lights...

  3. Wow. What a fun-filled and exciting day you had. I couldn't imagine sitting along with 65,000 fans. My husband would have loved to though. How fortunate that it was sunny and warm for the game. And the city lights were gorgeous. I must definitely put Seattle on my "to do" list. It sounds perfect!

  4. You have so many adventures!! And your pictures take us with you. Thank you!

  5. Now you got me to singing Leslie Gore's Downtown,,, beautiful..!


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