Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Garden d'Lights

The Bellevue Botanical Gardens lights up each year, recreating flower borders and plants both realistic and fanciful. And each year it gets better.
We joined the crowds out on Solstice evening basking in the glow of thousands of lights.
The vineyard
and the corn patch.
A fuchsia basket and a fan.
The laburnum walk
Gunnera by the "pond"
The pond, usually a patch of lawn.
The long border, in three parts.
Wisteria Lane
In the tropics - watch out for the alligator!
The parrot is watching.
So is the monkey.
The atrium in the visitor center was turned into an aquarium.
It was wonderful!
And now the day has come. This evening at about 8:00 we'll be at the airport to meet Jill and Corey and Isaac and Irene. Let the wild rumpus begin!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Wonderful pictures. I hope you have the time of your life these next few days. No doubt you will.

  2. What a spectacular display of lights!! Have a fun time with your family this weekend. God bless.

  3. This was so much fun, Linda! Thank you for showing us this holiday wonder.

  4. Gorgeous shots! Love every single one. I know you will enjoy the company of your family this Christmas. Have a good one!

  5. What an awesome collection of lights Linda. All very beautiful! How exciting that you are expecting family. A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year to all of you.

  6. That is a awesome Christmas light show! Thanks for sharing your great photography of it!

  7. I am so in awe of this beautiful event. Wow. Thanks for sharing these delightful scenes. Let the fun begin! Have a Merry Christmas with your family.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous shots! How beautiful and what a terrific event! So glad you got to see it!

    Many blessings to you and your family and a wonderful Christmas for all!


  9. wow that is spectacular, what a cool idea. enjoy the grand kiddies-we head north on Thursday.

  10. Nice blog. Your garden lights looks awesome and your Christmas decoration really looks great. it was nice going through your blog.

  11. Merry Christmas!

    the lights are amazing
    I really like the butterfly

  12. Linda, these photos and lights are really beautiful! Thanks for showing them to us. Truly magnificent! Happy Christmas. - Dave

  13. Wowee!! That is some show. Excellent.

    Wishing you and your family the merriest of all Christmases and joy in the upcoming year. MB

  14. Oh my goodness those are so beautiful..what a lot of work must go into those displays...

  15. These are unbelievable!! I would very much like to see this sometime...


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