Monday, December 28, 2009

My Mother's Birthday Party

Daughter Jill likes to tackle fancy cake projects. She comes up with elaborate creations for her kids' birthdays. For the Big Birthday Bash and Holiday Family Gathering, we were assigned to bring dessert, which meant we were in charge of my mother's birthday cake. Jill's big idea was to make a gingerbread house cake. I said "Why not the cabin?" And from there the wheels started turning and the engineering began. Then I turned to over to Tom and Jill, and took a nap. I did help a bit with the finishing touches.
The final result: sand, creek, and log bulkhead, the little red cabin decorated for Christmas, even fish in the surf. For a view of the real thing see my side bar.
When we arrived at my brother's house, Jill presented her creation to her Grandmother. "It's the cabin!", she said. Even with her poor eyesight, she knew her cabin. The crowd gathered until we were up to 38 hungry family folks. Brother-in-law Arnie helped carve the roast beast.
Tables were arranged for many in the heated garage. This was the kids table, the center of fun and games and even a little eating.
Mom is now 88, and here Jill has "borrowed" first cousin-once removed Jennifer's baby, three month old Dawson, for a little chat with his great-great grandmother.
The ladies supervised the gift opening.
It was a fun and busy and noisy day, with all of that talking and laughing and hugging and eating. Wow!
Brother Hank and his new bride Cindy were very brave in hosting this crew. Big thanks to them.


  1. That was so cleverly done and your Mom looks so happy to see it...Happy Happy Birthday to Linda's Mother...

  2. Jill and Tom, like you, are very talented. An excellent cottage replica! Happy birthday to the 88 year birthday girl. - Dave

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom
    The cake is a masterpiece

    You have a wonderful family

  4. A living 2nd great grandmother-that's something. looks like a lovely gathering.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mom! What a wonderful family gathering. And the birthday cake is splendid! How fortunate so many could be gathered together in celebration.
    Happy New Year!

  6. How absolutely sweet! I love this cake idea! Happy Birthday Mom!
    What fun was had by all! :)

  7. What a wonderful, memory-making day for your family! I love the cake. (I have a daughter named Jill, too.) Thanks for sharing your fun.

  8. How wonderful to be a great, great grandmother. That's absolutely beautiful. What a terrific post, Linda! You have such a beautiful family.


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