Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shopping and Dropping

We made the rounds today, from REI to the mall to IKEA and even the shop at the Museum of Flight. We have just about completed our shopping. We will be attending an arts fair in Gig Harbor this weekend, and then I plan to be done! We were tired by the time we got back home. I got things put away and sat down to catch up with the mail, a new Christmas book I bought, the newspaper, and to just put my feet up. I tried to listen to the President's speech. I want to support his decision to add troops in order to get out sooner. I want us out! But, alas, I mostly dozed off. Oh well, I'm sure the pundits will fill me in on what I missed. The nay sayers are already out naying, braying like so many stubborn mules, or should I say asses? I do know Dick Cheney is one of those afore mentioned critters. That he has the audacity to criticize the current President, who is trying to fix all of Cheney's messes, amazes and angers me. I'm doing my best to help the economy. Shop till you drop!


  1. Linda, sounds like you had a nice, though exhausting, time. In my family, we do not buy Xmas gifts, although we do give money to our daughters, which they appreciate more. And we will buy a gift (books) for our granddaughter.

    The reason why David and I don't give each other gifts is that I don't want to collect any more THINGS. Treat me to dinner -- that would make my heart sing.

  2. You're a person after my own heart on your comments about Afghanistan. How many of the arm chair quarter-backs were in on the meetings he attended or read the information submitted to him to aid in making this decision? It's easy to sit in an easy chair and rant and rave, but it's much harder when the decision is yours and yours alone. It is now Barack Obama's war. I listened to the speach and turned the TV off. I no longer listen to pundits. I have concerns but I support the President's decision. I think he made it after much thought and deliberation. No going by the gut for him. I prefer his way of making decisions.

  3. I slept through the speech too and I haven't been shopping...

  4. I am trying to find a way to make Christmas more simple with only limited success.
    As for the speech, we watched it so that we could see the reaction of the cadets and then turned back to NPR for analysis. Personally I hate war but once started it seems irresponible to just say "we're tired of this" and leave a mess. Unfortunately we got involved in an unncessary war and abondoned a war that may have been justified.
    As for those who say we should spare no expense to keep Americans safe I say first; life isn't safe, never has been and never will. Second; do we have a right to be safe at the expense of other innocent people?

  5. most of my shopping is done online, I just can't deal with stores anymore
    yes, I know I sound old and grumpy ;)
    it's OK, I've embraced that

    love your header photo
    the lights are wonderful

  6. We did go shopping at the mall today and found some good things. Lots more to do though.

    I want to get out of Afghanistan also but I don't know if we can. It's really discouraging but I'm sure the president has gotten all the information and made the decision he needed to.


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