Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympics Update - Cell Phone Version

Occasional updates are coming in from Jake's cell phone in Vancouver. He posts on Facebook, and I download the photos from there. I have to say that I think this technology is all amazing. I love it. I know it works, and I don't care how it does it. When I try to tell my mother about it, she glazes over and just says "I don't understand". Keeping up with technology is hard, but keeping up through technology is beautifully easy! Back to Vancouver, as seen through Jake's eyes. He has declared Mascot MukMuk his new god for this week. He is a cute little marmot. Jake has established a shrine, I guess in their rented house, where this tiki apparently lives. He is decked out with MukMuk, the Norwegian hat I recognize as the one we bought in Norway, a Swedish hockey scarf, and of course our own flag. Jake's maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother were both half Swede, half Norwegian, so we have loyalties. The Flame from the new viewing platform. The waterfront near the broadcast center and the flame - blue on blue. Our whole Pacific Northwest region is experiencing wonderful weather, with the bluest skies you've ever seen. Well, at least that's how the song goes.
They are also experiencing lines, but as Jake says, at least they are OLYMPIC lines.
Jake is hanging with his cousin Andy and Andy's wife Jody and their two little boys, Oliver, 6, and Lars, 3. Here Lars is getting into the spirit.
Can you imagine this experience through the eyes of a six-year-old?
Women's hockey on Thursday - the USA vs Finland.
Friday, men's hockey - the Swedes vs Belarus.
Jake's wearing his Swedish soccer jersey, another item we brought back from the motherland, adorned by his newly purchased scarf. And I'm sure that's a beer.
Andy and family watching the action.
And then, as I sat down to blog, these photos came in to my email, via a cell phone on the slopes of Green Acres Elementary School in Fort Morgan, Colorado, where a couple of young sliders are practicing their skills while breaking in the new snow pants I bought them for Christmas.


  1. How exciting. Your children give you much pleasure.

  2. I am so happy that your grasp on technology allows me to go along on all of your family trips!!

  3. I guess that's one good thing about Facebook. Despite the horror stories about loss of privacy on Facebook, and I don't use it for that reason, Facebook is great for communicating pictures. Cell phones do the job, too!

    These are all excellent photos, Linda. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. I too don't understand all this technology stuff, but I am sure enjoying the Olympic photos you are sharing! I too wonder what a 6 year old must be feeling as he views all of these wonderful events. Your son sure is a dedicated fan! Like his "shrine"!When I saw your two grandchildren sliding I wondered if they were perhaps future Olympians in the making?

  5. Awww...great photos..thank you for the birthday wishes..I appreciate it Linda...Michelle

  6. Great photo essay! I think his loyalties will do him well in these Olympics! Will the kids at the end be future luge champions? ;-)

  7. Wonderful that you can share your family's fun via modern technology Linda. Good on you for being up-to date too. - Dave

  8. This is all so exciting, Linda! I'm glad I stopped by for a peek.


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