Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've got to get back to finishing Irene's dress. I just have handwork to do, so I'll work on it while I'm watching Olympic hockey this afternoon. And yes, there will be pictures. Isaac decided he wanted me to make something for him, too, and suggested "a vest for dress up occasions" as he put it in an email. But he made it clear he doesn't want a dress. When Irene had her measurements taken, he had his done, too. So this morning Tom and I went shopping. I was surprised Tom wanted to come along, but I guess, like Isaac, he doesn't want to be left out. We bought a pattern, and fabric for the vest, plus a hat and sweater that I plan to embellish for Irene's outfit. Besides Easter, we will be going to high tea at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver for Irene's birthday in April. So we'll all be having a "dressy occasion". I should make something for myself, but that just doesn't sound like much fun.


  1. love your spring photo header. have fun sewing.

  2. I suspect most grandmothers prefer working on projects for their grandchildren more than for themselves.

    That's very cute of Issac. What kind of fabric did you choose for his vest?

  3. You remind me of my parents. Dad was a tailor for the Marine Corps, and Mom sewed as a hobby. She was very creative just like you. She will be 94 next month, and stopped sewing in her late 70s due to poor eyesight.

  4. Oh how wonderful that Isaac wants a vest. He will be handsome in it I'm sure. And "high tea" sounds absolutley delightful!


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