Friday, May 7, 2010

Dunn Gardens

Another Friday, another beautiful garden to explore.
Today we visited the E.B. Dunn Historic Garden near the Highlands in Northwest Seattle. This garden is historic because it was designed by the Olmsted Brothers landscape firm and is the only Olmsted residential garden in the Northwest that is open to the public.
The garden was designed in 1915 for Arthur Dunn for the family summer cottage, in an area that at the time was rural.
Many "Heritage" trees planted in 1916 still stand on the ten acre property.
We arrived at the curators' cottage at a bit before 10:00 this morning to connect with our reserved tour. As I waited in the courtyard, bird song filled the air.
Rhododendrons were in their full glory, the old shrubs rising high above our heads.
With so many majestic trees to look up at, and so much going on at ground level, it was hard to take it all in.
An exotic trillium above and a rare May Apple below.
Pacific Coast iris planted under the huge Douglas firs.
In the glen.
Along the woodland path.
Too soon the tour ended.
Need I say that spring in a Pacific Northwest garden is breathtaking?


  1. wow, it is gorgeous. amazing all these different gardens. thanks for all the photos

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. And yes, the rhodies are in full swing right now. That is one fabulous garden. And I love the pictures you take.

  3. Today I have hopes it is going to feel like spring. Obviously the plants have gone right on with their work, even if the temperatures say it's too cold to be spring.

  4. Gorgeous captures of another fabulous garden! What a delight to see it through your eyes! And we had sun yesterday and today and blue skies!!!!! Isn't it wonderful!!! Have a beautiful weekend, Linda!


  5. Breathtaking indeed! Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us. I love the huge rhodendron! To me a perfect day is just what you enjoyed!

  6. Absolutely spectacular, Linda! Your photos are just incredible. I love them all but the photos of the trillium and rhododendrons were magnificent. I remember seeing the rhododenrons when we were in Seattle last year. All I can say is WOW!

  7. Breathtaking photos of Mother Nature's finest. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed them.

  8. Så underbara bilder Du visar oss !!!
    Här i vår Höga Nord kan vi ännu bara se de allra härdigaste växterna. Men väntar på och hoppas på de varm och härlig vår och sommar eftersom vi haft en så svår vinter.
    Lev väl, önskar vi Er, kära släktingar.


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