Friday, May 21, 2010

Tifo Friday

You may remember that big green swath of sheets we sewed together a while back. Well, today we had to move to a gym to complete the project.
Let's see, what goes where?
Joe runs the serger while we steer the fabric.
It's big. It's Very Big!
We did manage to get it folded up fairly compactly, but carrying it is another matter. That blurred expression is a grimace as Joe hurries to put it down. We estimate it weighs about 70 pounds.
I'm still not telling anything else. It's a secret.


  1. This looks really awesome and I'm really curious!

  2. And in addition to the aesthetic parts of this project, Joe gets an upper body workout!

  3. Linda, you and your family are the most interesting family I know of.

  4. That giant fabric banner appears bigger than an AIDS Quilt block 12x12 plus edging. What ever it is will be marvelous and I am eagerly waiting for the unveiling.

    Catching up with other posts too, Yes, we are heading up the coast to new beaches and old friends, yes, our Japanese Garden now charges too. Everything is such beautiful colors.

    Thank you....

  5. Yes, I am also waiting with baited breath, what can it be?? I still haven't figured out what the difference is in a serger and a regular sewing machine. Time to check Google!

  6. looks fun but hard work to transport.

  7. I can't wait---I need to know NOW!!! LOL.

    Well you sure got all the work done at the cabin and even time to enjoy the beach. Lookin' good!! MB


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