Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Garden in May

We have spent many hours in the garden this month, and finally it's at the stage where we can just enjoy it as we do routine maintenance. It's columbine time! The new species of glassius flowiferous is settling in. I love the surprise of columbine. As they self-hybridize, you never know what you'll get.
Fox glove and delphinium are shooting up.
The vegetable garden is planted, but is shivering in the cold that has returned unseasonably.
In the secret garden.
Down the garden path to the deck.
The wisteria has been glorious, and the fragrance heavenly.
We've had lunch on the patio several times, until it turned cold again.
That's my motto.


  1. Hi Linda your garden is so lovely---the result of much hard work I know. the Wisteria looks gorgeous. I think the mild winter helped them---They are everywhere this year.

    The pic on my blog was taken at Bush Point. MB

  2. I never tire of seeing your garden photos. There used to be a Japanese restaurant here called Wisteria. I never imagined that wisteria looked like this -- so purple and beautiful. Wisteria also grows in Japan. A blogger who lives in Tokyo often posts pics of it growing there. Lovely!

  3. Your property, Linda, is looking more beautiful than ever!! That wisteria is absolutely divine! I used to have some in my garden and miss it very much. Thank you for the lovely stroll. ~karen

  4. we are all enjoying your garden. just lovely and it shows all the tender loving care you both put into it.

  5. Gasp! That wisteria is so beautiful. The columbines remind me of Colorado, I saw so many in the wilderness. Your garden is just fantastic and I'm filled with admiration.

  6. I love EVERYTHING!! From the columbine, the heuchera, the wisteria, the beautifully designed pots on the patio, and those amazing glass flowers :) -- it is all gorgeous!

  7. Your garden is always a delight and a feast for the eyes. It brings memories of my garden a month or so ago. Here the columbine and delphinium are done as us the wisteria. We have moved on to the salvia, penstimon and petunia. The peas and lettuce have had their turn and it is time to plant beans and melons.
    What a difference those 700 miles makes.

  8. I never tire of your pictures. Loved your new art work in the garden.

    I'm ready now for 3 weeks of picture updates on your family, particularly the grands.

  9. What I'd give for a garden like yours! It is truly incredible and I never tire of your pictures.

  10. Too too too amazing, Linda. I absolutely love your wisteria! I didn't know that about columbine. I have one plant in the backyard here in Illinois. It's one of the few things I haven't been able to kill. Your flowers are so beautiful.

  11. I just found you on the sidebar of Kay's blog. What a fantastic garden you have! Are you in-town or in a rural area? I love the glass!


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