Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Garden Touring

As part of the continuing Hardy Plant Study Weekend, we had another morning of seminars and an amazing afternoon of garden touring.
Today's gardens were in West Seattle, after which we met Jake and Tad for a Father's Day dinner together in west Seattle. It was a great chance to both catch up, and slow down.
Tomorrow we finish up the garden tours with six gardens in North Seattle, after which we will head to Whidbey Island for an overnight, returning home Tuesday evening.
Here are just a few of the pics I took over the last two days. Enjoy.
This chicken coop, home to three hens, sits in the middle of an elegant Bellevue garden.
And this is the vegetable garden in the same yard.
Moving on.
This special "training pot" has an actual, working train!
We saw so many amazing pots and containers.
There were many wonderful water features.
Including, today, a water feature leaking from the sky. Dodging umbrellas was a bit dodgy, but photos are so much better in the diffused light of a cloudy day.
The view out over the sound from a garden deck. Water and sky were a study in gray.
So many amazing color combinations.
And interesting plant choices.


  1. just gorgeous and lush as I sit here in the desert...we need some of your rain. looks like you are keeping busy.

  2. Fabulous pictures, Linda. I especially love the train! You are right that the diffuse light of cloudy days makes for some lovely shots, and these are the proof!

  3. I especially like the various, interesting pots! Every time I see your plant photos, I get so inspired to pay Home Depot a visit. I'll try to do it sometime this week.

  4. Lin chose the best word: LUSH! That's what those gardens are. I want that kind of garden!

  5. Beautiful, verdant, and whimsical. What a great way to spend a day or more!

  6. I am speechless..this garden is breathtaking and unique and vibrant!

  7. I was really impressed with all of the gardens, but especially interested in the use of grasses. There are so many beautiful grasses and some of these gardens really know how to use them!

  8. You sure do show us some beautiful gardens!

  9. You do visit the most incredible gardens or is it just your photography that's so incredible? I loved going through this garden with you, Linda. Thank you so much for posting such gorgeous photos. The variety of plants you have in your area is just amazing.

  10. And enjoy I did! What gorgeous landscapes and decor. I would so love to take one of these tours. I would certainly spend hours...what pretty plants, flowers and landscaping all about.

  11. So exquisite. I love gardens like that and used to have one or two. Now we are all low water landscaping here.....sometimes pretty.


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