Monday, February 21, 2011

Volunteer Park Conservatory - Part III

The east wing of the conservatory houses the desert collection. These wonderful cacti reminded me of our trip to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. If you ever get a chance to go there, do it! It's wonderful.
This small version gave us more opportunities for camera fun.
Outside the sun was shining but a cold wind reminded us that it was still winter. Things are changing though. These fuzzy magnolia buds are getting ready to pop.
And one of the magnificent old trees showed a hint of new green.


  1. Cacti can be beautiful in their own right. But, I would never want to live in the desert. I prefer green Hawwaii.

  2. These are all such fabulous shots, Linda. I just love the Chihuly header! Gorgeous!

  3. Loved seeing the Cacti and your header photo is lovely!

  4. I have always had a fascination for the cactus plant. Your photos are wonderful.

  5. I really am attracted to succulents. There is such an other-wordly beauty to the desert areas of our country.

  6. spring is definitely coming, I love your cactii photos-wonder!

  7. Linda,
    I want to know how come my cactus never look as gorgeous as those in your photos?
    Well, I could actually guess that because I do NOT have a green thumb, is one reason. The other is my husband will NOT let me even touch his 20 some plants in our house...oh well, we all have our talents and mine is definitely NOT plants...
    thanks for sharing...

  8. Cacti are so very interesting to me.


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