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Monday, February 28, 2011

Make It Stop!

It's the last day of February. Hallelujah! It's currently 34 degrees and snowing big wet flakes that melt on contact into big wet plops. It's, in a word, nasty. I'm sick of it. It doesn't look like March will bring much better, although as the lion roars to bring in the month, it will be in the 40's at least. I've listened to the news, scanned the newspaper, and now it's time to pay the bills. The last day of the month is still pay day, the day when the pension checks are direct deposited. Each pay day I count my blessings that the money is there to support our pleasant lifestyle. I finished an Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley mystery yesterday, so today I'll have to select a new novel to sustain me while I do my workout on the stationary bike. This afternoon I will attend the monthly session of 'Sew Fun', where we meet at the local sewing store to learn about new products and sewing ideas and share projects we're working on. I usually end up buying something that makes sewing easier. Speaking of sewing, I'm working on a little purse for Irene that will match her new dress. I'm making it out of scraps, and sort of making it up as I go. It's getting tricky, but I think I've got it figured out. It's a fun little challenge. I watched the red carpet and the Oscars yesterday. It was mildly entertaining. The ladies mostly looked lovely, and it was all very civil. There were no real shocking moments, which all adds up to not much to talk about the next day. Checking out the window, I see that it is still snow plopping. Make it stop!


  1. Oh! YES!!! Make it stop! I am so sick of this cold, wet, gray, grim -- well, I know you get the picture! You live here, too!! I looked at the ten day forecast and it just looked like more of the same! Funny -- well, not SO funny, it seems when they predict gorgeous weather, it changes daily and nearly always back to WET, but when they predict lots of WET, guess what? They're right on! Ah, well, it is the northwest as I keep telling myself!! Hope your week gets better and mine, too!!


  2. Here's my prediction today: You will NEVER get senile, lady! I mean it. You keep growing new nerves and synapses in that brain of yours by sewing, reading, blogging, etc., etc.

    Keep it up!

  3. I love that you go to a sewing class. That is what I need to get re-motivated to sew. I have always thought such a group would be great fun and inspirational.

  4. snow plopping!!
    my new favorite weather term :)

  5. LOVE LOVE your Dale Chihuly glass header....isn't he fantastic????

  6. I wish I could make it stop. The predictions for your area and the mountains near are really amazing!

    It's finally warming up here a bit. We had temps in the low 60s and rain all day.

  7. Take heart Linda - spring will be here before you know it! You may even get a long hot summer as we did down here Good luck! - Dave

  8. Linda,
    My son asked me what the Oscars were and my response to him was, 'It's a bunch of rich people flaunting what they have and parading around saying, 'look at me!'
    How's that for cynical?
    If you want something to read; Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain is marvelous!

  9. Lucky Irene!!! You're making me feel guilty that I'm not sewing anything for my little KC. I wish I could be as talented as you.

    I enjoyed watching a little of the Oscars, too. I wish Billy Crystal would come back.

  10. Hi Linda, good books, good movies, working out, keeping busy!! I'm so impressed that you can wile away the winter hours so productively! By now, I'd be kind of dragging along, making myself accomplish the necessities!! Chin up, spring is coming!~karen


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