Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

We had an abundant Christmas.
Still awaiting us in the garage are the stacks of boxes that were used for shipping, and reused for wrapping gifts - lots of gifts.  Here too is the bag of used gift wrap, waiting to be sorted into recyclables and trash.  And then there is the bag of bags - gift bags we will save to use again, as many have already been used several times.  

Boxing Day.  Not the original English meaning of the day, but it fits. Jill hauled her filled boxes home this morning after spending two nights here.  Corey went back to work.  SIL Jan hauled her box of gifts home this afternoon after spending last night here.  

Now the house is cleaned up and quiet.  It is safe for Josy to venture forth once more, although she will do so with trepidation, as scents linger and noises still cause her concern.  

Our Christmas was abundant in other ways too.  Is the cook and hostess allowed to say that Christmas Eve dinner was beautiful and delicious?  Well, it was.  

The kids had an activity gift each to keep them occupied as they awaited the festivities.  Isaac showed his Great Uncle Dave and Grandpa the aircraft carrier puzzle he constructed .
 The turkey and trimmings were served at 6:00.
 Tom's brother Dave and wife Vicki  flew up from California just to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family.
 Tom and Jan and Dave are not often all together, so it was an especially special occasion.
 After candle light dining, then clean up, where son-in-law Corey was a star helper, then more gathering in the dining room for cookies and coffee, Isaac suggested we light the candles on the Christmas pyramid and sing songs.  So we did.  It was wonderful.
 We had to wait for the kids to go to sleep, which took forever, before we could bring the gifts out of hiding and stuff the stockings.  It was especially complex because this special gift had to be fetched from their babysitters.

Yep.  Jill did it to herself.  Kitties for Christmas!
 I think the kids will have to rediscover what else they got as they unpack the boxes at home, because it was all about the kittens.  Boy, are they cute!
And so you see why Josy might be out of sorts for a few days.  Kitty scents linger.  Her one encounter with the kittens was not good.  We had to rush to rescue one as Josy went after it.  There is a reason why her adoption papers say no children, no other cats.  

But the kittens are safe at their new home, and Josy and Tom and I are ready for a slower, quieter pace for a few days, at least until the next big family party on Saturday. That one is NOT at our house.

It was truly an abundant Christmas, and we are once again left counting our blessings.


  1. fun play on boxing day! what a lovely table setting and family holiday celebration-now to rest up!

  2. You out-did yourself, Linda! That was a beautiful table setting, and everyone obviously enjoyed the food, too. Those 2 kitties are awfully cute. Lol.

  3. Glad that your Christmas day was happy and successful Linda. Of course you can boast as the cook and chief organiser! Loved the two kittens. The darker one looks like a real character - Dave

  4. What adorable kittens! Of course they always steal the show, they are so cute. And what a beautiful Christmas spread you provided, Linda. Thank you for sharing your Christmas with me. :-)

  5. Those kittens are just plain adorable! The children will have such fun with them. You had a wonderful, picture perfect Christmas. That is great.

  6. Hi Linda, I enjoyed catching up on all that I missed the past week! It looks like you all had a wonderful time this year. How nice to have so many visitors for Christmas, and for you to share your time, home, and love with everybody.

    I really like how your family keeps up with the traditions of baking, the big kids staying overnight on Christmas Eve, and all the rest.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year ... oh, those kitties are so cute! Poor Josy.

    Kathy M.

  7. This was such a perfect Christmas and the house looks incredible!!! I am so impressed. It looks like something out of a magazine.


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