Saturday, December 15, 2012

I've Been Busy

I haven't abandoned blogging, or my blogger friends.  I've just been busy.  And I don't have many photos to show for it either.

I guess it was Monday that I posted last, and here it is, Saturday almost over!  

I had decided not to do a Lucia Day dinner party this year, but I missed the festive fun with that group of friends, so over the weekend I arranged for a Christmas Tea to be held on Wednesday.  Six of us shared tea and coffee and cookies around the holiday table.  I think this might be my new tradition.
On Tuesday I had finished my sewing project, matching outfits for Irene and her doll Julie.
Wednesday we hosted our tea in the afternoon, and then Tom and I took the Link light rail downtown and then the monorail out to Seattle Center.  We had a light meal at the Armory and then attended an evening performance of Inspecting Carol at the Seattle Repertory Theater.  It was very funny and a great opportunity to just laugh.

Thursday we slept in and got a very slow start and then spent the day wrapping gifts.  If we don't buy anymore, we have the wrapping just about done.  Now the kids can come over and use the wrapping station set up in the upstairs office.  Boxes addressed to Corey came right after Thanksgiving.  Boxes for us were delivered next.  Then this week Jill's online orders started pouring in. Ours are done, but they both have secret business to attend to.  School is out on Tuesday, so I expect company during the week.  And Jake will no doubt be wrapping his gifts Christmas Eve.

Friday we woke to the terrible news coming out of Connecticut.  Information was still sketchy as we listened to the radio on our way to a holiday brunch at a friend's house.  It was a gathering of retired elementary teachers, and we barely mentioned the topic before moving on to more pleasant things.  There would be enough time later to learn all of the tragic details.  We had a lovely brunch in a beautiful home overlooking the sound.

In the afternoon we picked up Isaac and Irene.  They were to stay overnight while Jill and Corey went to an office party.  We just left the TV and radio off.  I went on line later to get an update.

This morning we attended a reception for members of the Seattle Museum of Flight.  It was to be a fly-in by helicopter for Santa, but with low cloud cover, he came in a fire truck.  and it wasn't even red.

It was very crowded at the reception so we left and spent time looking through the museum.
 The lines were then very long to see Santa  and the kids weren't interested anyway, so we spent time in the space section, paid another visit to the shuttle exhibit, checked out the gift shop  and then came home.

 As a Christmas activity it was not very satisfying, but there was music and a lovely, appropriately decorated tree.

We took the kids home to Jill at 3:30 and stopped to pick up a few groceries.  Now I'm tired and a bit grumpy, but I'll bounce back.  We'll have a simple, early dinner and then we're heading out to see if we can get into the 7:40 3D showing of Life of Pi.

Sunday should be simple.  I should have time to get in some exercise.  I've been eating too many goodies lately and the pounds are creeping back on.

Then Monday I'll be preparing for the lunch I'm hosting on Tuesday.  After that, I'll have a few days off!

I just have to remember to have fun through all of the busyness.


  1. Whoa... you have really REALLY been busy. I LOVE that dress you made Irene and the matching dress for her doll. Wow!

    The tea sounds perfect. I don't know what it is but your photos are even more sharper and perfect than ever. I didn't think that would be possible.

    My cousin asked me to take photos at his retirement party and I'm worried because my Canon 30IS is crappy for low light conditions. Sigh...

  2. I am dazzled by your activities...and how very grown-up to have teas!!! I'm enjoying not wrapping packages. I mailed a small package off to my granddaughters, but other than grocery shopping, no more stores for me until the madness is over. I'm enjoying the traditions of the holiday without the commercialism. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  3. We had our family gathering tonight, with four of our eight children in attendance, and four of our eight grandchildren.

    Two more holiday gatherings to go.

  4. I have been ill since my trip to India, so am not as energetic as you have been. Love your photos, Linda.

  5. What a fine new tradition of a Christmas tea! And I too am just amazed at those beautiful dresses for Irene and her doll. You are incredibly talented! :-)

  6. what cute dresses, I'm tired just listening to your schedule...

  7. you ARE busy.. I love the outfits.. we will all still be here when you get back..

  8. Seems like you are having fun at least all your activies suggest you are. I wish I had a bit more interaction with retired teachers but my chief job is Buddy and his well being. And I am glad he's so caring.

  9. I've enjoyed catching up on here! The flight museum looks like a very interesting place.

    I like how you guys enjoyed your party and didn't focus on the CT stuff until afterwards.

    Kathy M.


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