Friday, December 7, 2012

In the Holiday Spirit

We're enjoying busy days and cozy evenings by the fire.

We are loving our new fireplace, burning some of the wood we saved from having some small trees taken down last summer.

We engineered some hooks for hanging stocking that would not require damaging the new mantle and would fit under the decorations.  Now the stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

Most of the shopping is done, much of it on line, and now packages are being delivered to the house by the mail man and the UPS driver.

On Wednesday we took our annual Christmas Shop field trip.  Two of our retired teacher lady friends were our guests.  Since I am not doing the Lucia Day dinner party for the breakfast group this year, I wanted to have the house decorated and cookies baked for these two especially.  They toured the house and then we had coffee and cookies before our drive north.  I was so relaxed and enjoying myself that I forgot to take a camera! 

Here's a taste, from last year, of the over the top, sparkle aplenty, amazing displays in these garden center shops.

I finally got started on my sewing projects Tuesday and then worked on them Thursday and again for a bit today, in between our Friday morning breakfast out, a walk, and an afternoon with family.

I heard earlier this week that one way for seniors to stay healthy is to go for a walk OUTSIDE every day, no matter what the weather.  So I have made an effort to do that.  It was cold and windy the last two days, but the rain held off for the 35-40 minutes I was out, and it really did feel good.

This afternoon Tom picked up the kids at 1:40 while I stayed home to get a big beef stew ready for the oven.  Jill has been really tired, and Corey usually doesn't get home until about 6:30, so I said I would cook for them.  

The kids can be so addicted to screens, and they love Tom's tablet.
I set the timer  and after I was done in the kitchen, Isaac and I resumed the Monopoly game we have going for Friday visits, and Irene worked on a craft project.

Corey was able to make it by 6:00, Jill had time just to lounge on the couch, catch up on email and Facebook, and we had time together to go over the plans for our various holiday activities.

And then we gathered around the kitchen table to share a big pot of stew and happy conversation.


  1. Very nice and enjoyable post, Linda. Your photos are great. I don't have a fireplace, of course, and we did turn on the ac because of the heavy vog outside. Doctors are advising some people not to run in the Honolulu Marathon on Sunday because of the vog. Too bad!

  2. I love all your photos, but one of my favorites is the one of the kids cuddled together. I just bought an iPad recently and am hooked on it so I can identify with their fascination. I am so envious of you being so far ahead on all your shopping. We've only JUST begun.

  3. The "warm fuzzies" of this time of the year are so much fun. Your decorations are beautiful and cozy. The grandchildren remind me of my own.

  4. I'll be out walking this morning in the sunshine! We have at least one day of sun before the rain starts again. It took me forever to get warm after Thursday's soggy walk, but it did feel good. Walking every day seems to be a great idea.

  5. Boy, does that tablet photo look familiar. i think one of the reasons my grand kids like to come here is that I don't impose the time limit they have at home.
    I love the idea of a Christmas shop field trip. I am taking a day to wander around the downtown Burlington shopping area this week.
    I remember the exhaustion your daughter is feeling--good that you can help her out.

  6. As we ride our motorcycle in the sun in shirt sleeves, it seems like we are a long way from Christmas. Your pictures give us a little taste of the season. Thanks!

  7. sounds so homey! I made a big pot of stew last night in my pressure cooker as I waited too long to do it the regular way-it cooked in 15 minutes! Glad you were able to get your grandkids off the screen-it's not easy. But there are so many other alternatives. My grands come this weekend on their way to Disneyland! We're planning a hike!

  8. We did a neighborhood walk every day this week except yesterday. I watch for a break in the rain and we head out. A light drizzle is an acceptable accompaniment.

  9. Love the stockings by the new fireplace!

    I love how your family all works together so well.

    Kathy M.

  10. Festive photos, and the one of the kids is very cute.

  11. while not in the holiday mood, I am doing my shopping online ..I have done most of it that way for some time.. Love the fireplace... Michelle

  12. Oh my goodness Linda this post really puts me in the Christmas spirit :)

  13. Oh my, I am so familiar with that look on Isaac's face. That's the look I see on Caleb's face when he's here. He walks in the door, heads straight to be iPad, and is lost in another world in less that a minute.

    Love reading about your family.


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