Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cherry Twinkle Day

Of the 12 or 14 kinds of Christmas cookies that I used to make every year, about a half dozen must-haves have survived.  I have made five kinds so far, but the Cherry Twinkles have become a family project.

When the grandkids were still very young, Jill selected this recipe as one she could easily do and involve small children.  We have video clips in the archives of not-quite-four-year-old Isaac and 20 month old Irene dipping the dough balls in egg white, chopped nuts, thumb printing them and putting in a cherry.  "I twinkled!", says little Irene.

Irene repeated those famous words for us today as she thumbprinted the first cookie on the tray.

 It was Seahawks football Sunday and I invited the Gibsons over to watch football and bake cookies.  We got set up before the 1:25 kick off, and then Jill settled in her nest on the couch.  Having her rest was part of my plan.

The cookie bakers has the small TV in the kitchen, which is not HD and is delayed just enough that if you hear a play coming from the big TV in the family room, you can look up at the small TV and see the play.  Handy.

The kids bailed before the assembly was complete, so the dads took over to finish the work.  Corey has "twinkled" before too.  In fact, several years he has directed the show.  The kids used to be easier to direct, too.
With the pans lined up for baking, my trusty clean up guy, Tom, took over and I settled into my recliner to watch the rest of the game.  

There were snacks, screens in use, Facebooking with Jake, who was camped out on his own couch, and a general take-it-easy afternoon.  Good times.

Josy was content too, hiding out on the garden clothes bench in the dowstairs bathroom.  Purrrr.

Oh, and the score?  Cardinals 0 - Seahawks 58!


  1. Looks like a fun time for all!! Thanks for sharing it with us! And Hooray! for the Seahawks! Have a great week, Linda!!

  2. That is a contented cat if I ever saw one. Thanks for the update to keep my Christmas spirit charged up.

  3. Gracious! That is a very dramatic photo of Josey. You do make the best looking cookies. Wow!

  4. I'd like a cookie! Never had one of those! Yeah, I heard about the score as David was watching the game.

  5. Cooking with grandchildren has to be one of life's most special events. Family times are the best times. We have a great video of my grandchildren and me when we were making split pea soup. It was fun.

  6. That is an amazing score! I saw it on the news and wondered how it happened, and then I watched the highlights to find out. Nice pictures, Linda.

  7. sounds like a purrfect day with fun family times and a winning team! wow...

  8. Josey looks wonderful!!
    what a great portrait
    Siren has a crush on her

    the cookies look wonderful
    the baking of them looks even more wonderful

    bravo to your Seahawks

  9. Makes me think back to cookie baking with my step-children and daughter.. messy but fun...

  10. Making memories as well as making cookies! The cookies look yummy.

    Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon, and how fun that the Hawks won by so very much.

    Kathy M.


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