Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Think We're Ready

The gifts are wrapped.  The house is cleaned. The table is set up and ready for finishing. The turkey is in the brine.  The cranberries are sauced.  The Swedish cardamom bread for Christmas morning is baked.  All of the necessary provisions have been stocked. The cookies are baked.

Saturday we had our annual family cookie baking day - gingerbread and sugar cookies.

We rolled out and cut and baked the gingerbread first. For that we use animal and non- Christmas cookie cutters.
 Then we went to work on the sugar cookies.  Jill is very intense in creating her designs with sprinkles.

 There are lots of sprinkles!
 Tom and Corey get into it too.  But not me.  I have to roll out the dough and monitor the baking.
 After the sugar cookies are done, I make the icing for the gingerbread, and make zip lock baggie decorator bags.  Then I grabbed one for myself and went to work before surrendering my station to another.  These are my creations.
Christmas Eve will be busy.  We are having our big formal dinner in the evening.  There will be family guests from California, along with the usual suspects. 

A huge cache of gifts is secreted in our bedroom, off limits to package pinchers.  They will not appear until after the kids go to bed here at our house and Santa comes.

Christmas Day will be centered around the tree, and the table, with breakfast, leftover snacks, a smorgasbord of sorts, and a casual meal of whatever is still in the refrigerator, with the addition of fresh Dungeness crab.  And cookies, of course.

Wishing you a Christmas that is well sprinkled with all you wish it to be.



  1. Great looking cookies, Linda! Merry Christmas! Aloha from Hawaii.

  2. Merry Christmas to you! I wish I were as ready as you are. I finished the final doll sweater this morning and now must tackle the baking and the cleaning. It'll get done, I'm sure. Or almost sure.

  3. It is all under control, it seems. And what great looking cookies! I can smell them from here. :-)

    Have a wonderful family Christmas, Linda. You have such a beautiful family, and now you have them close. Blessings of the season to all! :-)

  4. Everything looks great. Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year to you all.

  5. you look perfectly ready-enjoy the family festivities!

  6. Wow you guys go all out. What fun. When we were kids we always made Spritz cookies for Christmas. Others too but I remember the Spritz best. Last year Bob and I did the Spritz thing. Time moved too fast this year.
    We had a 'my family' dinner yesterday and everyone came in happy spirits and we had a good time and an excellent meal and exchanged gifts if there were any to exchange. It was very nice. Christmas we go to Bob's daughter's and today and tonight is ours.
    Merry Christmas to you Linda and Tom.

  7. Looks like you're ready, Linda. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  8. OH wow! This is so impressive. I LOVE how the whole family gets to take part in creating these cookie works of art. This is what Christmas is all about... family time. Sigh...

  9. I'm betting you had a wonderful Christmas, you guys know how to celebrate!!

    hugs from me and Hope


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