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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Seeking Natural Air Conditioning

It got hot in the city!  Very hot.  93 on Saturday, 89 on Sunday, or something like that.  I sort of forget now, but I know it was HOT!

On Saturday we worked on hedge pruning in the morning, resorted in the shade in the afternoon, and went out with our guys, Jake and Tad, for barbecue in the evening, letting someone else do the cooking.

On Sunday morning we took a field trip out into the country to visit two lovely open gardens, stopped at a strawberry farm but got no strawberries ( guess the rain last week ruined them), and made a short stop at Snoqualmie Falls.
We spent what was left of the afternoon sitting and reading, and then got busy in the evening picking raspberries, mowing the lawn and packing.

We left Monday morning for an overnight at the cabin on Whidbey Island.

 Waiting on the ferry dock.  There was a chilly wind blowing off the water.  It felt good to be almost cold.

 This made me think of the Old Man and the Sea.

Here comes our ride.
 Jan and Ann were packing up to leave when we arrived at the cabin.  This is the busy season and the place is booked up.  We were lucky to get a two day window.

Next door is a construction site.  Cousin Dean is replacing the old vintage cabin with a modern structure, much as the family did with ours eight years ago.
 We puttered around, doing some cleaning and sorting, and some sitting and reading.  We have renters coming the week after this so we need to have things ship shape.  Renting the place for a week each summer helps to pay for the expenses.

After the sun went down and the cooling breezes came up, we went for a walk.

 By 9:00 this morning we were out in the yard.  The garden is our project, and it needed lots of attention.  We whacked and weeded and trimmed and carted off lots of plant material, restoring order and getting rid of the seedy look. That took us until noon.

 Ann and her brother created this little project over the last weekend.  Apparently poetry boxes are all the rage in Portland and Spokane.  We wouldn't want to be behind the times.

 It's time for the red, white and blue.  Our flag is flying
 And Tom's deck pots echo the color scheme.
 Across the road, one of the remaining little old original cabins can always be counted on to add color to the landscape.

 Our cabin and the construction zone.
 By the time I got over to the beach the tide was in, but I still enjoyed a stroll along the shore.

 Flags fly from almost every cabin,
 Summer color abounds.
And by the Fourth of July this place will be full of holiday gatherings and fun and food and fireworks.

We'll be in another location, having our own little celebration.

Happy Fourth of July.  Celebrate your independence by doing something you really enjoy.


  1. Have a terrific 4th of July, Linda. You gardens always look so incredible. What is that beautiful blue and purple bush? They are so dramatic. That boatman reminded me of Old Man and the Sea too.

  2. What are the purple/blue flowers & what is the tan grass. Also the tall light blue flowers in another bed.

    The first year we were here temps reached 102 on the day company from Texas arrived. The next morning we packed them up and headed to the coast, to the light house at Cape Disappointment, & Astoria. It was very cold at the light house and low 70s in Astoria.

    Glad you had a good time and glad you're back.

  3. Those temperatures were higher than those in Hawaii. Wow. Pretty photos.

  4. Those heat temps would normally be considered a break in the heat here in Arkansas where 100 degrees is the norm for summer. This year, we are delightfully cool for some reason. Mid 50 nights, low to mid 80's with low humidity days. Strange but nice.
    How nice you have a natural A/C place to go to beat the heat.
    Those tall blue flowers are stunning.

  5. Such a lovely spot. It really just screams SUMMER! I am glad to hear that you got a walk on the beach in.

  6. Such great pictures, it made me feel like I was there with you. That cabin garden is just beautiful, even if it does require quite a bit of upkeep. Hope those renters appreciate it! :-)

  7. You guys work so hard and stay so busy no matter where you go. The flowers and photos are beautiful.

    Happy 4th of July!

    Kathy M.

  8. just lovely and so cool...we will be over 110 degrees today but our AC is fixed in time for the 4th!

  9. The purple in our yard is lavender - Hidcote, with feather grass behind it. In the neighbor's yard, the tall blue flowers are delphiniums.

  10. Fantastic flowers and beach. I like all the flags.

  11. What a way to "beat the heat"! Your garden is beautiful. Happy Fourth of July!

  12. Those Delphiniums are stunning! What is the purpose of the poetry box? Will your cousins new place spoil your view..I suppose you have it all worked out:)

  13. Hope you are having a wonderful 4th at you 'other location'. Lovely pics of your cabin and gardens. MB

  14. What a great get away place! There is nothing like the sound to cool things down. We left our interior location on the bike and headed up to LaConner the other day, and were surprised by what a difference there was in the temperature along the coast.


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