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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1 - Hot Summer Day

It's 8:45 in the evening, the glare of the sun is gone, and we are all out on the patio catching a slight breeze, and hoping the mosquitoes stay away a while longer.
It reached 94 degrees here at the Sea-Tac airport today, which is near where we live.  That is HOT for us, and it just sort of sneaked up on us, jumping from about 78 yesterday, and back to 80 tomorrow. That's good.  One day of HOT is enough.  The good news is we should have a dry Fourth of July.

We took Irene to girl Scout Camp on Sunday.  She is in a short session and we will pick her up tomorrow - Wednesday-  but she should be having fun sleeping in her covered wagon bunk house and riding horses.  Today was certainly warm enough for some water fun in the lake.

Jill and Isaac are in Idaho at a Boy Scout camp.  The troop needed another adult, Isaac wanted her to go, and so there she is, with 40 boys and several dads, sleeping in a tent. Jill and Isaac are cutting the camp experience short and will return Thursday evening, so we can all celebrate the Fourth together.

Jill posted on Facebook today that she had gone AWOL to find a pub to watch the USA world cup match today.  We watched too, of course, almost giving up, and then very hopeful to the very end of the 120 minutes of full time and overtime. The loss was not unexpected, but when the dream comes to an end it's disappointing. 

We also had a Sounders away match to watch on Saturday - another victory even without a couple of stars who are on the World Cup team.  Tom says he will continue to watch some of the World Cup matches, but I will just stay aware but probably not sit and watch.  I have things to do.

We always have yard work of course, and we want to have everything looking spiffy for the garden party I am throwing for myself for my birthday in a couple of weeks. It's a big round number, and since I can't stop time, I might as well celebrate the milestone. 

I have pies to bake and potato salad to make for the Fourth of July gathering at SIL Jan's house, where there will be a fireworks show over the water.

It's just SO Summer!  I have to stop and make myself aware of that fact.  It's so easy to get so busy the days all just blend and time slips away.

Well, it's nine o'clock and that means it's time for a little ice cream and fresh raspberries from our patch. I had a salad of lettuce from the garden for dinner so I can indulge a bit now.

Happy Days to you!


  1. We have 12 raspberries this year. And about 600 blueberries.

    It's still hot here too - we have a fan going and Larisa the Designer Cat is all stretched out on the bathroom tiles.

  2. It's wonderful that the grandkids get to enjoy this wonderful summer with all its activities. That's an interesting covered wagon bunk house.

    I'm glad it's cooling off for you. 94 is hot. Thank goodness our weather has been OK for our kids.

  3. I am always in awe of the beauty of your yard.

  4. Oh your day...and all this sounds so absolutely perfect. I want to sleep in one of those covered wagon bunks and have ice cream and fresh raspberries!

  5. we had 108 degrees today-feels like Phoenix. Summer is definitely here. WE can only dream of coolness as it was 75 at 6 am when I went walking!

  6. It sure does sound like summertime. I am in the land of perpetual summer (FL) with the grandkids. It is hot, but we are enjoying lots of time submerged in water.

  7. It only made it up to 84 here in Bellingham, but it was still much hotter than I enjoy. 94 degrees? Yikes! But it should be better today. :-)

  8. At least it's not humid on your neck of the woods. Here the heat and humidity are both high.

  9. I would have killed for that bunkhouse as a kid. Might even like it now.
    I didn't think you all ever saw 90 degrees. Wow.
    Sorry our team lost but proud they made it that far. Know you will be glad to get your players back.

  10. Summer does tend to get busy ,at least for those of us who have large round numbers for birthdays.

  11. A nice round it your 30th birthday again this year? Summer is such a special and all too short time! Sounds like Irene and Isaac are also enjoying themselves!

  12. Ice cream and fresh raspberries from your garden sound great.
    Love that covered wagon for Irene.

  13. I've been so far away from blogging lately. It is good to catch up with you. I love that you are giving yourself a party. Those round number deserve celebrations. I have a big round number coming up in February. I hope to throw myself a party also.

    It makes my heart happy to see Irene at camp. I love the covered wagon. It also makes me happy to see Jill's willingness to step up and go on the scout trip. I think these experiences are so important for kids.

  14. Sounds like fun camps for all the kids! I absolutely love your new cover photo! What a wonderful mix of flowers!


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