Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Baby, the rain must fall"

I guess the powers that be really wanted us to know, here in the coastal Pacific Northwest, that Fall has really fallen.

 Even though the equinox was just yesterday, it seemed like it was staying way too dark this morning.

These photos were taken from the doorways because it was wet out there. Tom's new weather station says we have had 1.43 inches of rain since this "storm" started with light rain yesterday. 
 There were puddles on the pavement.

And dripping trees.
Something happened to my original post this morning.  It disappeared.  This is an attempt to recreate the original, but it is not nearly so clever.  That post talked about the umbrella icon on the weather station console that affirmed that it was indeed raining.  It showed a cloud that had stopped dripping, and indeed the rain did stop about 1:00, and I was able to get out for my walk this afternoon.  With the humidity so high and the temperature at 63, I was dripping anyway. 

It was dark by a little after 7:00 this evening.  Boo.  We need the rain, but I don't like the darkness.  

The weather station shows that even the moon is dark.


  1. Heavy rain certainly changes a lot of things. Heavy cloud makes it much darker.

  2. Ah, we're having similar weather here in Portland -- rain, gray skies and the feeling that Fall has landed!! Beautiful captures as always, Linda!! Hope all is well with you and your family!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Indoor recess - YUK! Glad the plants got the rain they needed though and the weekend looks nice, thank goodness!

  4. Fall sure has dropped in quickly, hasn't it?

  5. You really needed the rain.
    Yesterday I struggled with the lock on my door after exercise class because I had not thought to leave the outside light on--hadn't really needed it for all through the summer. So the dark times are just around the corner.

  6. It's still summer in Hawaii, hot and humid and still bright.

  7. I'm not ready for the darkness so early either but a little rain would be a time for celebration...

  8. The water clinging to the leaves is my favorite. All gardeners love a good rain.
    I'm ready for the time change.

  9. Send the leftovers here to Walla Walla we could use it too, stuff keeps bursting into flames still.

  10. Even in the rain your gardens are cheerful and beautiful. We had lots of rain two days ago with the first peep of sun today.

  11. Pretty! I hate it when I lose a post, it is so irritating.

    We got a lot of rain here to, up the McKenzie but it was really nice yesterday and seems to be nice this morning too.

    Kathy M.

  12. It looks so cool. There has been unremitting HOT weather here on Oahu and little rain. I thought we'd get some today... but no. It's scheduled to be 90 all of next week. Arrrghh!


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