Thursday, September 11, 2014


Tom and I both spent some time today studying.

This is what I was reading.  We leave early Sunday morning.  This travel guide arrived yesterday from Amazon.  I didn't get very far before I left it to work on my writing, but I'll spend some more time on it tomorrow. I plan to go through it thoroughly on the five hour plane flight.  It looks like we'll have plenty to do during our 3.5 days there.
 Tom had a much bigger project to learn about.  His new weather station arrived today!
 Our old weather station died, and it's now obsolete so we can't get replacement parts any more.  Tom got it for Christmas in 2000, the year he retired from teaching.  He wanted two things in his retirement, a weather station and a greenhouse.  I bought this...
 ..and he built his own greenhouse.

What with all of our travels and other things, we are spending a lot of money this year anyway, so we said "What the heck! Let's go ahead and spend a little more and buy a new weather station."  We have missed not having instant weather reports. 

First Tom had some studying to do. Then he assembled the instruments.  Next he had to figure out how to set the console.
 After that he was up on the roof to take down the old station and install the new one.
 Did I mention it was UP?!
 On our evening walk we stopped at the nearby Safeway store and bought some batteries.  Now the station is talking to the console and Tom is figuring out how to set up the computer program so the console will talk to it and record all of the data. He likes to print out monthly weather reports.

And that's what's new today!


  1. I hope you have a great time in Philadelphia! My son went to college there and then lived in the area for many years, so I know a little about it. Are you going to visit Longwood Gardens?

  2. A trip to Philadelphia. Oh, what fun. I love it there.

  3. There are some good restaurants and some great history in Phillie. You will enjoy yourself.

  4. Very cool!!! Not the weather, but the new weather station!! I've been out of the loop for a bit. Are you writing your memoirs?

  5. I am a weather junkie, too. I'd LOVE to have one of those on my apartment, talking to my computer. Tom is after my own heart. :-)

  6. You will be steeped in history in Phillie...great place to visit. Have a wonderful trip.

  7. What a great trip, so much history there. Safe travels.

  8. Ah, Philadelphia -- my home town! It is a neat place, but will pale in beauty to the PNW.

    I love the weather station and hoe brave is your hub to get up on the roof!!

  9. Good grief! I can tell you there is no one in this household that could figure out how to use that weather station! You two amaze me. I can use my old flip phone and know just enough about the computer to have a blog and look at emails! :) Hope you have a great trip to Philadelphia.

  10. You should have a great time in Philly. It is like stepping back in time in spots. Plus those cheese-steak sandwiches are pretty neat.
    That weather station is cool but can't believe he was so high up on the roof. What a guy.

  11. Well, that is a lot of news. I think the weather station would be fun to have. I get nervous when I see anyone over 30 on a roof. I'll be honest, I get nervous if I see anyone on a roof. Hopefully, Tom won't be going back up there anytime soon.

    A trip to Philadelphia sounds like great fun. Enjoy!

  12. Have a great vacation in the city of brotherly love. Mike was a weather nerd too. Me, I just look out the window.

  13. What fun! Studying for your trip and getting a new weather station. Next time a storm's a brewin' we'll know who to call!

  14. Have a wonderful time in the city of brotherly love.

    Oh gracious! Just seeing Tom up there had me gasping. It's exciting, but scary.


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