Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It's the last day of September.  It turned out to be a more pleasant day than we were expecting.

Tom just mowed the lawn, which has gone lush again after the rain and an application of fertilizer. 

Sunday I got in my 3.5 mile walk and then worked in the yard with Tom.  I have begun cleaning out the beds and cutting back spent perennials. 
 Those dahlias will soon come out and be replaced with tulip bulbs ↓
Yesterday morning I started the day off with a dentist appointment.  I had a serious cavity in one of my wisdom teeth.  Such fun getting shot in the mouth and drilled and having to hold my jaw just so for far too long.  I didn't accomplish much after that - some housework and trip planning. It was dark and drizzly outside.

Today we expected more rain, so we decided to go get our flu shots and then do a little shopping for some items for our trip. When we got home, I sat down to pay the bills.  We bank with a credit union and they have been urging me to pay bills on line.  I do have all of our utilities on auto pay, but I decided to finally set up on line payment for my credit card bills.  It worked!  It's always fun to learn new stuff.  I also downloaded an app from my credit union for on line banking for my iPhone.  Now I can transfer money, monitor my accounts and pay bills remotely.  That could be handy when traveling.

While I was out walking this afternoon, Tom mowed and started emptying the garden beds. 
 As soon as I transplant these volunteer fox gloves Tom can prepare this bed to over-winter his bonsai.
 We have started moving tender plants into the green house. To do that we turned Irene's flower shop/playhouse back into a garden shed.

 The geranium jungle is gone from the front porch, replaced with a few winter pansies and flowering kale. 
This just got trimmed back for now ↓
Tom put the patio umbrellas away Sunday, and today I washed down the oil cloth table covers and put them away today.  It looks a little bare but soon the cedar tree will start shedding and make a mess so it's time. 
It looks like more sun is on the way.  That will make this little lingering sunflower happy!  Me too!


  1. I did a lot of tidying-up out there today too, but of course now I am sore. I managed to get two of my enormous tomato plants out of the greenhouse over the weekend. I have to sort out in there and start migrating plants in. Your freshly mowed grass is fabulous, so lush it looks like a golf course.

  2. Your garden and yard look amazing all year long. I can see how much work it takes, but it keeps you healthy so that's good. Gorgeous photos, Linda!

  3. I love your beautiful estate, Linda. It was really a nice day yesterday, wasn't it? We are supposed to have much nicer weather tomorrow (Thursday) than we've had for the past two weeks. I'm glad you have that awful dentistry behind you! :-)

  4. Again, your gardens are beautiful! I love the ivy and plants with the birdhouses. How do you keep it all done! And weeded!

  5. Everything is looking good. We've had some rain in Texas, so now everything has taken off again, growing vines, etc., and the weeds. Your yard looks lovely, but lots of work, right?

  6. Nice lawn. Wish ours was as nice.
    No fun at the dentist. Hope that visit was covered by insurance.

  7. My only request to God. Make us with good teeth so we don't have to go to the dentist and there will be no more dentists!!!
    It didn't stop you from getting lots done.

  8. You certainly give a lot of time and care to your gardens. I should try to do the same!

  9. I know it is all a labor of love, but I am always impressed with the time and energy you and Tom for your lovely gardens.

  10. Your garden is absolutely awesome...in the true sense of the word 'awesome'.

  11. I love the rhythm of your seasonal tasks. you plan and do. Usually I'm scrambling to pull the last things in after hearing the first frost warning and often something gets left behind.

  12. I also love the rhythm of your seasonal tasks. You two are always busy. I've been away from blogging as I have been in Scranton caring for my son after he had a terrible accident. All is coming along well now. I am enjoying the luxury of reading blogs.

    I have been grateful for my online account with my credit union. It is so nice when one is away from home to be able to pay bills, transfer money, and keep up with things.

  13. time of transition-love our fall coolness!


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