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Monday, September 22, 2014

Last Day Of Summer

As I was out for my walk in the park this afternoon, I realized it was the last day of summer.
The sun peeked out between clouds to light up the burning bush in the park.  It's a contest as to which is happening faster - the bush turning red as it should, or going brown from lack of water.  It has been a warm, dry summer.

Yesterday we stopped by the local botanical garden on our way to a soccer match.
 Color changes were happening there too.

I decided it was about time to take my Nikon out for a tour of my own yard.  We haven't done anything but mow the lawn and pick crops for the last month or so, and it's looking rather tumble down.

Tom had picked tomatoes while I was walking.  This is just part of the crop.  I froze a bag full of plum tomatoes and set aside a bowl of cherry tomatoes  for salad and kept part of this basket full and then sent Tom out to distribute the rest to the neighbors.
 It has been a good summer for roses and they are still blooming.  I haven't been out to deadhead for a while now.

 The edging of the patio under the cedar tree still looks great.

 This lavender has re-bloomed along with the sedum 'Autumn Joy'.
 Hardy fuchsias will go until frost.

 The vegetable/flower garden still has color, but it's a tumble down mess.

 The chickadees are loving the sunflower heads.

 'Pinky Winky' hydrangeas, that bloom white, have gone pink.

 I found these lovely "strawberries" on our Cornus Kousa (Korean dogwood)

 The clematis doesn't quit!

 The leaves on the red Japanese maple have gone green before they turn scarlet but the seeds are showing color.

 Hostas are slumping. 

 The wisteria has set pods.

 Seed heads have replaced flowers.

 Beware where you walk.  It's spider time!

 Fall blooming hardy cyclamen are blooming.
 It's time for the fancy leaf geranium collection on the porch to be retired. Cutting have been taken and are in the green house.

 The full moon maple is just showing a hint of color change.

 Golden hop flowers are prolific.

 Tomatoes are looking tired, but still ripening.

 Mildew and shade have taken a toll on the garden but we're still cutting fresh basil for our tomatoes.

 I need to get out next and find some flowers for the kitchen table.  There are still a few worth picking.
 Apples are trying to ripen .

 One zucchini plant has decided to keep trying.
 Cucumbers still appear.

 There will be green beans for dinner tonight and maybe another picking or two.

 Bye Bye summer.  Bring on autumn.


  1. Your stuff is in full bloom and looks great . All I have left is a few ratty petunias.

  2. Well, your garden in decline still looks very pretty! I prefer Hydrangea flowers after they have aged somewhat.

  3. Your garden is still looking gorgeous! I'm also ready for autumn and a bit of rain. Once school starts, keeping things watered becomes quite a chore.

  4. Wow! Very impressive last day of summer photos. You wouldn't know it was the last day of summer in Hawaii. It is blistering hot and uncomfortable. I wish we were in Seattle!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. So crisp and clear, perfect color!

  6. Nice pictures indeed. I love the water lily pictures at the start, and all of them, actually. It was nice to take a walk on the last day of summer in your incredible garden, Linda. Beautiful! Those tomatoes! Hasn't it been a year for the best tomatoes? :-)

  7. your place looks so lush compared to our few offering as summer is still in swing with 90 degree days but it's cooler in the mornings!

  8. Goodness if that is a declining garden, mine is deceased.
    What a lovely batch of maters. The only thing better than growing them is having a neighbor who does. You have some lucky neighbors.

  9. Can you just put the tomatoes in a bag and then into the freezer? We have a bunch of cherry tomatoes but haven't eaten them because we're so focused on eating the grapes.

  10. Linda, I freeze plum tomatoes whole and then just run them under hot water to slip the skins off before using them in soups or stews. You can do the same with cherry tomatoes, but they would be much more of a bother to skin before using. And of course they go mushy when thawed.

  11. What a beautiful way to celebrate the last day of summer!

  12. What a beautiful garden. So colorful. Thanks for sharing so many photos.

  13. Your tomatoes are still really pretty! And, your flowers!


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