Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Philadelphia Report: Finale!

By Wednesday we were just plain tired.  With a 6:00 PM flight scheduled to take us home, we needed to check off at least one more location from our must see list - the Italian Market. 

With the help of the hotel staff, we found a bus just outside the hotel that would take us there and bring us back.

The Italian Market has served multiple generations in this neighborhood southeast of the center.  It has outdoor stalls under awnings and storefronts along both sides of 9th St. 

There are famous meat markets
and famous cheese shops.

And then there was this one of a kind meat shop, featuring game from all over the world.  

We took opportunities to rest, here to enjoy some mid morning gelato.
The other area we wanted to check out was noted on our maps as Antique Row.  It was back toward the center so we walked there.  We did have a few interesting conversations with owners of small shops along the street, but we found very little of interest as far as antiques go.
So we sat here in this little p[ark and waited for a bus to take us back to the hotel.
We returned to the Reading Station Market for lunch.  I had chicken pot pie, Amish version, with the big homemade noodles instead of crust.  It hit the spot perfectly.
We had time to kill, and not much energy, so we took our almond pastry -yes, we bought another one to share - and walked over to the City Hall.

There we sat in the new plaza, enjoyed the surroundings,

and had our coffee and pastry.

At 3:30 we retrieved our luggage from the hotel and caught the train to take us to the airport. 

We soon discovered that our flight would be delayed about two hours due to the storms in the southwest.  We settled in with our Kindles and lap tops and waited as the sun went down on our lovely trip to Philadelphia. 
It's Sunday morning now.  We have been home since late Wednesday.  We have both come down with colds.  Ugh. 
Yesterday the Sounders played in New York and lost.  Boo.

I can tell you that winning is more fun, and being sick is not.  But life goes on and we are off to a family celebration for the day, hopefully not spreading germs as we go. 


  1. I'm sorry that you guys got sick, but I sure have enjoyed tagging along on your trip. Kangaroo meat??? That just sounds wrong.

    Kathy M.

  2. Oh, what a bummer about the colds! I bet you picked up the germs on the plane, they are bug factories. Hope you get better soon.

  3. Great finale. Planes are petri dishes, get well soon.

  4. I cannot tell you how many times I've gotten sick after travel. It's the plane trip, I'm convinced. But it was a great trip, and you shared it with me so thoroughly I felt I was right there with you and Tom. :-)

  5. I hope your cold clears up right away. I enjoyed your posts of your trip to Pennsylvania, a state I have never visited. Some day ...

  6. I sure enjoyed your trip to Philadelphia. That Italian market is something! Those fruit prices were good, less than we pay in the grocery stores here. Hope you both feel better soon.

  7. So many germs in planes, I always celebrate when I don't get sick. As always, you seem to have made the most of your sightseeing time.

  8. So sorry to hear you got many do on a plane ride. Looks like a great trip and your team won the game you saw...the food looks awesome there! :)

  9. what a fun whirlwind trip...get well soon!


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