Friday, December 26, 2014

After Glow

I'm tired today.  I didn't sleep much last night.  Visions of sugar plums, or perhaps just too much sugar! kept me awake Christmas night.

But today, the day after Christmas, is a slow day, after quite the conclusion to our Christmas Movable Feast, and fest. The fog has lifted outside my window, and the fog in my head has cleared a bit too. After lunch Tom and I will look through our stack of gifts and remember a wonderful Christmas day. 

The action began late Christmas Eve, as the Reeders' purple mini-van, loaded with wrapped gifts, met up with the Jill's mini-van, parked in the garage at her house, also loaded with gifts.  The kids were stowed in their rooms, hopefully asleep, when Santa and his elves got busy piling gifts under the tree.  Jill caught these two elves busy at work stuffing stockings. 
Then she settled in and got connected while the old elves headed for home and bed. 
Christmas morning Irene was ready when we arrived, Starbucks in hand.
 But first we had breakfast, including the traditional cardamom bread. 

Is it time yet?  Yep! We took turns opening and watching as others opened.  
 Irene liked her Huskies hat.  Mostly she likes the color purple and the dog.
 Jill liked her Seahawks jersey. A bunch of us got Seahawks hats and/or gloves and socks.  We're set for the playoffs again.
 Tiger cat put up with the commotion.  He's old and doesn't care as long as the people share the couch.
 Jake liked his mountain photo, Mt Adams being one the the peaks he and Jill have climbed together.
 Irene liked her sparkly clothes from Justice.
We buy Jake soccer shirts when we travel.  This one is from Turkey. 
 Isaac now has his own overnight backpack and is set for his 
scouting adventures.
 There was a mountain of stuff to clean up.  Paper was recycled, ribbons and plastic sorted out, boxes stacked to be stored away.  We had a good crew of helpers. 

 And then it was time for playing with new stuff (Isaac and Irene), napping (Jan), visiting friends(Jake), taking a walk (Jill and me) and getting the turkey started (Tom). 

The turkey was stuffed, trussed and buttered, then set over the charcoal and drip pan, apple wood chips added, and the smoking began. 
What may look burnt to you is really just smoke sealed skin with just right, juicy meat inside.
And that's where my photos end.  I was busy in the kitchen working along side Jill.  There were hors d' oeuvres to prepare, then vegetables to prep and roast, yams to fix, potatoes to peal, cook and mash, gravy to make from the turkey pan drippings, and a bunch of other stuff and then there was eating and it was all too busy for taking photos. 

And Tiger was happy to have the couch back. 


  1. What a wonderful Christmas, with plenty of memories made! Love the pictures, Linda. Merry Christmas aftermath! :-)

  2. So sorry you had a bad night's sleep. Blame it on all that excitement! I bet that turkey was delicious!

  3. No wonder you are tired! It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. That turkey looks very good.

  4. I look forward to seeing the pictures anytime your family gets together. Looks like you really enjoy each other.

  5. A very fine Christmas indeed. You deserve a little rest!

  6. The turkey looks burnt but I'll tell your word that it family times then rest....

  7. You make great elves! Food looks awesome...I bet that turkey was wonderful! :)

  8. Fun times and wonderful memories.

  9. A great family Christmas! I'm glad that you're having a slow day to recover!

  10. Wow! What an amazing Christmas you had, Linda. Irene and I think alike. I love purple too. Looks like everybody got what they wanted. I can just imagine how great that turkey was!


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