Thursday, December 11, 2014

Whidbey Photo Walk

We had some very calm, still days at Whidbey Island last weekend.

On Friday afternoon Deer Lagoon, behind the cabin,  looked like this, a perfect mirror of the dike and the sky.
 Even Useless Bay was flat in the evening.
 Then Saturday morning the wind was strong, enough so that it brought out the local kite surfers over by Double Bluff.
 By Sunday morning it was absolutely still again, the perfect time for me to take a photo walk on the dike along the lagoon.
 The hips on the wild roses add deeper color to the buff and tawny colors of late autumn in the wetlands. 
 A raft of ducks floated on the lagoon. 
 There is someone watching me from the pond over there. 

 Great blue herons are patient fishers.
 Green winged teal, I think. 

 On the calm bay side, another heron preened on an old piling. 
 About the time the Seahawks were beating the Eagles on the TV, these real eagles appeared at the back of the lagoon. 

 Sorry guys, it was not your day. But thanks for stopping by and enriching our day!


  1. Ah, I do miss Whidbey!! Have such lovely memories of the time spent there!! Thanks for sharing!! Beautiful captures, as always!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful place. It's been years since we visited Whidbey Island. Must change that one of these days!

  3. Lovely place, used to visit when we still had family there. Miss it, thanks for photo walk. Great eagle pictures.

  4. Your photos really capture the feel of the place.

  5. That looks like a soul soothing place. I see you could not resist a little dig at the eagles though.

  6. What lovely photos, Linda. I love the ones with the very calm water...looks like a sheet of glass.

  7. great photos, you should enter them in a contest!

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  9. Great shots of the birds and the water!

  10. How neat to have eagles drop by and I always get tickled when ducks go butts up.
    Hope that nasty storm didn't hit anywhere near you.

  11. I would love to walk there... Michelle

  12. I did enjoy the pictures. Those eagles are beautiful. I would love to see on, in person.

  13. Gorgeous photos, Linda! Art just told me that we went to Whidbey Island in 2009. I'd forgotten. We might have seen you and not known it.

    Mom wants to see Skagit Valley and Butchart Gardens again so we're going to take her in spring. Art is thinking of Olympic National Park. Do you have some places to recommend? Mom loves flowers and parks.

  14. Awesome wildlife pictures! Those bald eagles are something else.

    Kathy M.


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