Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Joys of the Season

Last week we took two of our breakfast group with us on our annual field trip to two very special nursery Christmas shops.

I show you photos every year, so this year I just took my iPhone as my camera and tried to limit myself.  

Wights Garden Center is noted all around the area as the premier Christmas shop.  If you want to see glitz and glitter and trees stuffed with wonderful things you can buy and take home with you, this is the place. 

 This is about as close to a White Christmas as we will get this year here in Puget Sound Country.  The weather man says we might have a dry Christmas and that would be good.  No weather related travel worries for our Christmas in Evergreen. 

 There was a Seahawks tree, of course!

 And plenty of material to take home to create your own Christmas bling.
 Molbak's has a fair amount of glitter too, but what I like best here is the actual plants. 

Jan and Mavis posed for me in front of the poinsettia tree. Since then they have both been sick, and Jan is battling pneumonia.  We were supposed to be hosting a dinner party tonight, but too many of our guests are sick, so it has been canceled.  Our friends are on our minds this evening.

 Interesting snowflake!
 They have quite a selection of wonderful stuffed animals on display.  The chickens are my favorite. 

Tuesday we were invited to brunch with other retired teacher friends.  Becky is a wonderful host.  The food was delicious
 and the table was beautiful.  The visiting was great fun too. 
 The last two days we have opened the gift wrapping shop and have been busy creating fun packages for everyone on our list.  
 We find boxes from our storage in the garage, Tom wraps and I do the bows and tags.  

The fun continues. 


  1. Wow! I could spend some time there. Those chickens are the cutest things I've seen!

  2. I love Christmas shops. The chicken are the best! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just love your smile, Linda. Your posts really lift my spirits.

  4. I was just at Molbak's today, all their Pointsettias are now 50% off. I nearly bought one, despite not being particularly enamored of them. I have to check out Wight's, it's not a garden center that I'm familiar with. I hope your friends make a quick recovery.

  5. Such a beautiful place to shop. I love that "snowflake" and best of all, the great picture of you being a Christmas production line worker. :-)

  6. I do miss the lunches over the holidays, but we know so few that well here. We do get invited to holiday fundraisers...which is not the same thing. I have not really set foot in most of the stores and with luck, I will just enjoy it vicariously through your blog.

  7. That is as close to being a live chicken as you can get. It would be impossible to see everything in that place in one day.
    I do hope your friends are doing better. Just sent out a quick prayer for them.

  8. I am glad you enjoy wrapping gifts. I am not as talented.

  9. That certainly looks like Christmas. My favorite was the shovel snowflake.

  10. Those are some fancy shops. I like that me ideas:)

  11. You two work so well together---wonderful!
    Wow, I haven't been to Wights or Molbaks for years---ever since I worked at Emery's Garden in Lynnwood. I was always sent to wights to check out their stuff and come back and then see how we compared. LOL
    So many beautiful shots Linda. You do well. MB

  12. Sorry to hear that your friends were under the weather. Wights looks like a lot of fun. Your post makes me want to go visit. You and Tom are quite a team!


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