Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Light Shows!

This week we have been working on slowing down and enjoying ourselves. 

Monday evening we took advantage of the dry weather to go out to see several local light displays.  These are places we visit every year, but I never get tired of the colorful light in the darkness of December. 

The Bellevue Botanical Garden presents Garden d'Lights.  The garden has recently undergone remodeling and the addition of a new visitor's center.  The light display has changed too, and is more spread out.  I have to say I liked it better the old way, but it was still good.

The lights all represent real flowers and create a lovely garden.

 The pond and stream.
 A magic dragon!

 The vegetable patch.
 Autumn clean up. 
 The vineyard.
The other light display is at a park on Lake Washington, where the Ivar's restaurant chain presents Clam Lights. 

 And here are the dancing clams!

 The view from the dock out around the swimming beach is lovely. 

There is much beauty to be found during the holiday season. 


  1. Fabulous light display, Thanks for the tour!

  2. I really like the Garden d'Lights show. It might be different, but it's still gorgeous! Thanks for the tour of both places, Linda. Only a week to go! :-)

  3. Very beautiful, better than the light shows in Honolulu.

  4. These are so pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Kathy M.

  5. Lovely and so unique in some scenes.

  6. Wow! I'd love to see these light displays with "me own eyes."

  7. Like you, I never tire of light shows in the darkness of December! I've never been to the Ivar's show but maybe once school is out we'll go check it out as your pictures of it are so nice!

  8. Your town really goes all out. We are lucky to have a few blow up Santas here in tiny town. Thanks for letting me see what could be.

  9. Hello Linda, I have never been around the Seattle area at Christmastime, but you folks sure know how to light things up. There must be a lot of wonderful places to go this time of year. My hubby and I quit exchanging gifts a few years ago and instead we each plan a date night. Our problem is everything that is special around here is planned for the first couple weeks of the month. . . now that we want to go out, there's not much to do that is Christmas related. Maybe I'll pack a picnic and we can drive around town and see the lights and do a winter tailgate :)
    Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping in and saying Hi.
    Connie xx

  10. Beautiful, that Vineyard is a work of art:)

  11. Wow! That is truly awesome. We don't have anything like that here that I know of.


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