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Friday, December 5, 2014

Deck the Halls Again

We decorate for Christmas. 

That might be an understatement.  But even though we no longer have our family Christmas here, the kids will notice if something is not up or is in the "wrong" place.  It's tradition. 

The dining room gets a touch of Scandinavia, celebrating our roots. 
Tom's mother made the heart patterned fabric trees many years ago. Wheat is a symbol of renewal of life.  The straw pig symbolizes prosperity and the goat pulled the sleigh of the Yule Tomte. 
The garland on the overhead beam has hearts, and this year I added vintage ornaments that I found while helping to clean out an elderly neighbor's house last year. 

The kitchen gets garlands too, decorated with felt gingerbread men and patchwork balls I made when we first moved into this house 36 years ago. 

 And then there are the Santas.  All over the family room.

And they spill over into the living room as we are gifted with yet one more.
Do you believe in Santa Claus?  I do.  He is the spirit of Christmas magic!  We can all use a little magic in our lives. 


  1. Your house has indeed got Christmas magic, thanks for sharing,

  2. Magic, indeed! So beautifully and tastefully festive.

  3. You house looks wonderfully Christmasy. I love learning about the traditions that are behind ornaments and other Christmas decorations. Enjoy the season!

  4. Goodness the inside looks as good as the outside. Love all of those Santas from different countries and times. A lovely collection.

  5. I love all your Santas, but especially the middle one in the last picture! What a great tradition you have going with them. Tom does the outside, and you grace the inside. Beautiful! :-)

  6. Beautiful! What a lot of work, too. I thought I had a large collection of Santas, but it's meager compared to yours.

  7. just beautiful. Who found the gardening Santa? That is so appropriate for your house.

  8. You make me feel guilty as I've put up very little this year.A walk through your hose would put anybody in the Christmas spirit.

  9. Lovely ornaments! You put me to shame.

  10. I guess it's because we're not celebrating the holidays much this year, I'm especially enjoying yours and other bloggers' tonight. I'm smiling as I look through your posts.


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