Sunday, December 21, 2014

Another Reason for the Season

Welcome Solstice!  

For many of us descended from Northern Europeans, the winter solstice has been a day of celebration for thousands of years. 

The shortest day of the year, daylight wise, marks the turn around point, and the beginning of the returning of the light and life. No wonder we have layered other celebrations and traditions over it.

 Tom and I celebrated the fact that it was mild and DRY by going for a long walk in the neighborhood. We needed to walk off the party food from yesterday. 

Yesterday afternoon we gathered at sister-in-law Jan's house near Gig Harbor for some family fun.  We were going to go to Tacoma to see the parade of lighted ships, but we got rained out.  It was just too nasty to give up our cozy fun. We ate and played games and laughed. 

Today, after we got back from our walk I went out with my snippy scissors to collect a few twigs and sprigs for little winter bouquets for the kitchen.

This one is on the refrigerator.  I love my little magnetic vase that was a gift from a friend a long time ago. A found feather adds a fish fin. 
 This little bouquet is on the kitchen window in a vase Jill gave me. 
The glass 12th Man will be joined my other Twelves all over the region this evening as the Seahawks play a big game against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football.

It will be dark by then, even where they are playing in Arizona, so instead of bonfires, we will be gathered around our TV sets to cheer our boys on.

Jill is going to a game viewing party, so we will have the kids.  There will be pizza and fun here too. 

Happy Solstice to All!. 


  1. I love your pretty bouquets. And the 12th man is right at home in your window. Go Seahawks! :-)

  2. And a Happy solstice to you. You found some very attractive cuttings to bring in to decorate your house.

  3. Have a wonderful solstice day, Linda. I've never seen a magnetic vase. Funny how in Hawaii, we rarely put flowers or plants in the house. We keep most of them outside. I love the colors you've arranged in your vases. You have such a wonderful eye for beauty.

  4. I don't know about Kay, but I have an anthurium plant inside my house. Lol.

    Lovely photos, Linda.

  5. Oh your little twigs and sprigs are very pretty! Don't you just love a dry day after all these wet messy cold days! Merry Christmas!

  6. Ooh, I really like that magnetic vase. I will Google that as soon as I leave here.
    Know you enjoyed that game you won big.

  7. What a spirit lifter to see so much green at this time of year. Ours is now all frozen and grayish brown.

  8. It was a wonderful solstice here, wasn't it? You found some great things in your garden with which to make bouquets. Very pretty!


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