Greetings from Seattle

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter Blooms

We had to make a trip back to the Green Lake area to pick up the lawnmower that had been serviced, so of course we took another walk around the lake.  It was still cold and foggy when we left home, so we were pleased to find sunshine in the city.
After circling the lake, we stopped to check out a winter garden planting on the shore.

Sasanqua Camellias were a bright cheery red.
 This hellebore was loaded with buds.
 Others were in bloom.
 This is a winter blooming viburnum, I think.

 A question for my plant people - could this be a Cornelian cherry just opening? 
 Viburnum and hellebore

 Daffodil bulbs are poking up through the leaf mulch.
 Witch hazel and hellebore.

 Tom investigates a patch of cyclamen 
 Another camellia dropped its blossoms to add to the bouquet of hellebore. 

 The whole area was scented by this clump of sarcococca.

 Is this a daphne, a virbunum, or something else?

We are very fortunate here in the coastal Pacific Northwest to have something in bloom just about any time of the year.  


  1. I love the combo of Viburnum and Hellebore. Looks like you found a whole treasure trove of sweet-smelling winter bloomers. Did you happen to notice if the Viburnum had a scent? My Sarcococca is filling the garden with its aroma, so lovely. That last shrub is Edgeworthia chrysantha. The tight buds remind me of cat's paws.

  2. Just a little jealous over your spring!!

  3. I agree with that last statement! I was a little taken aback to see daffodils sprouts in January, though! Thanks for the great pictures, Linda. I am cheered up for the entire day now. :-)

  4. that's amazing to have blooms all year!

  5. Fortunate indeed. What an interesting climate you must have to support all that lush vegetation throughout the year.

  6. So beautiful, thanks so much for lighting up my day with color!

  7. Now come to Hawaii and see all of our greenery!

  8. Linda, what fantastic spring pictures you are sharing with us! Never have seen so much buds on a helleborus. Wonderful. You are making my grey and foggy day bright!
    Have a wonderful time and all my best from Austria

  9. You really know how to make a ho-hum chore like retrieving a lawnmower into an interesting day. Still amazed at all that is in bloom in your area.

  10. Yes, I am jealous of the blooming in your neck of the woods. I loved seeing this beauty just as I was again thinking that the entire world was covered in snow. It is snowing here.

  11. It's good to see blooms this time of the year. Your pictures are always beautiful. I love your header.

  12. Beautiful blooms, I thin I saw a Forsythia in one of those photos in the background..ours will bloom in about four months...five for sure:)

  13. You are really, really lucky to be living there, Linda. As you know Seattle and Vancouver are the only places mom has asked to see again. She just couldn't get over the beauty she saw. I was trying to convince my son to move there.

  14. Such a lovely place. I used to walk around Greenlake nearly every day with my sons when they were small. Nice to see it's been cared for so well.


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