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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Another Blogger Meet Up

After all of those garden photos I dumped on you, my faithful readers, I took a little break this week.  But we did visit more NPA Open Gardens last Saturday, this time in Bellevue.

Our first stop was at the Bellevue Botanical Garden, a return visit to see what was in bloom now.  I have a bunch of photos from the border there that I might get around to posting some other time.

Our first NPA stop was the garden of Linda Rasp.  

We were enjoying the lush plantings street side, and then when we descended the driveway we heard a voice saying "Well, look who's here!"

It was Peter of The Outlaw Gardener blog and Alison of Bonnie Lassie!  We met Peter and Alison when they toured our garden two years ago when we had our NPA Open Garden.  We got to talking and discovered we were all bloggers, so we exchanged information, and we have been blogger buddies ever since. We have run into them several times since, either in a garden or at a garden show. Alison and Peter are both officially "garden bloggers" and that's usually what they post about.  As you know, I am a bit more of a "whole life" sort.  
The gardener here, Linda Rasp, likes to propagate and experiment.  Here you see her fruits and vegetables all in containers. That wall of tomatoes should like the heat those pots will soak up. 

Tom talked shop with the gardener. 
I took more photos of the pretty flowers.


  1. Seeing you and Tom was a fun surprise, and it was such a sweet little garden. I have all kinds of propagation experiments going on all over my garden this year too.

  2. Bloggers really like to meet person to person. It's kind of like an adoptee reunion!

  3. I'm so glad to have you in my blogger's circle of friends I've met in person. It makes every post and comment feel personal. Well, it is, really, isn't it? :-)

  4. I agree with DJan. When you meet a blogger in person, it makes it even more personal, special and real. Even mom was so thrilled to have met all of you. These gardens are just mind blowing.

  5. Blogging gardeners--lots of natural affinity there.

  6. Looking forward to planting some bulbs this fall after seeing all your lush stuff.

  7. It's always a treat to see you and Tom! This garden was full of all sorts of interesting plants and plans for the future!

  8. What fun to meet up with fellow bloggers.
    Linda Rasp has a neat and wonderful garden.

  9. Nice to meet blog friends all over the world. I even met 2 bloggers in New Delhi, India in 2012.

  10. This is a lovely garden..I wanted to let you know that I know my garden will never be anything like your wonderful garden or anyone that I know who is a true gardener. I was careful to choose plants that could tolerate my clay soil, but having no real sense of texture or design, it won't ever be some amazing garden. But I will love it as I did it and the wildlife will love it.... Michelle

  11. What fun! I love exchanging gardening ideas with avid gardeners. I really enjoy the posts of your garden tours, so although my puny garden couldn't qualify as a tour garden, I always get ideas from your tours.


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