Friday, June 26, 2015

Monday: Back in the City

By Monday we were tired of the heat and the icky-stickiness.  We began to think we had booked our trip two days too long.  

Tom needed a day free of driving, so in the morning we booked a river boat tour for the afternoon, dawdled around for a while, and then set out along the River Walk. 

 The Mississippi is very much a working river and big ships steam past on their way to load or unload.
 Ah, a bit of coolness. 

 The Holocaust Memorial is very cleverly designed so that as you walk around it, the scenes on the fins change. 
 Our ride for the afternoon

 This is about as close to the Cafe Du Monde as we got.  It was crowded every time we got near it, and it was too hot for beignets and coffee anyway. 
 We spent time exploring air conditioned shops and galleries. 

Then we spent some time in the cathedral, just sitting and reading our phones. 
 We got a salad lunch at this brew pub on Decatur Street.  I loved the glass jellyfish. 

 At 2:00 we boarded the paddle wheel streamer Natchez. 
 Serious clouds were gathering to the west. 
 Before long thunder and lightning began and rain streaked down in the distance.  Eventually we got a bit of light rain on the boat too. 
 There was lots of river traffic. 

 And a man who knows how to while away a hot summer day. 
 We had hoped the river tour would be cooling, but that didn't happen.  We slowly worked our way back to the hotel, taking advantage of some air conditioning along the way. 
We dined again in the French Quarter.  We wanted to go to Acme Oyster Bar, but the line was always so long, so we went across the street to Felix's Oyster Bar, where I had a Cajun sampler of red beans and rice, jambalaya, and etouffee, and raspberry wheat beer.  All good. We topped it off with bread pudding, of course. 

After dinner we went to Bourbon Street looking for some Cajun music.  Ten years ago we had enjoyed strolling Bourbon street in the evenings.  Not so this time.  It has really become raunchy and 
crass, and most of the music is just loud noise.  We did find a small place that played some Cajun music and stayed for one set.  It was OK, but the place was nearly empty, telling us that those noisy, crowded  bars are catering to what most people who come there want. 

Oh, well. I'm so done with Bourbon Street. 


  1. Sorry it was so steamy, but still sounds like a really fun and interesting time. :)

  2. it's sad that bourbon street is so touristy. to get real cajun you have to go south of NO now. ahhhh..cajun food! it is one of my most favorites to cook!

  3. I think I should have gone to New Orleans years ago. Now I would much rather go to Seattle or Vancouver.

  4. That was a hard day's work but you were rewarded by seeing a lot of good stuff.

  5. I like the photos very much. It is so pretty there but I too would need to spend time in air conditioned places.

  6. I'm sorry that Bourbon Street was a disappointment. Did you bring this heat back with you?

  7. Riding the riverboat was fun though, wasn't it? The beignets were good, but we have pastries here that are equally yummy and I know you have them in Seattle too. Too bad it got so hot. Goodness! I'll bet you wanted to get under a fountain or two.

  8. I can feel the humidity getting to you. Thanks for sharing your trip so we could enjoy it in!

  9. It looks hot, but quite a nice batch of photos. It makes me glad to there virtually, although it's so hot here at home that I'm wondering about this weather. So un-PNW feeling. I didn't sleep well last night at all, and tonight is supposed to be hotter. :-(

  10. The pictures are so pretty it really doesn't show the heat and humidity. You both always look so nice. I've always wanted to ride on a steam boat on the Mississippi River. Why does that sound so special to me! I hate to hear that Bourbon street has changed so much. I was there in the early 1960's. Can you imagine that! :)

  11. Too bad the boat ride wasn't more pleasant. Seemed like a great idea. I keep forgetting that NO is an active port.
    Loved that misting area.

  12. Such a shame it didn't live up to your expectations.


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