Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tuesday Morning: Bayou Tour

OK, it's time for some alligators!

We joined Cajun Tours for a ride in the bayous west of New Orleans.
 And before getting on the boat I spotted my first "wild' alligator. 
 This one was right by the dock.  He seems to be smiling.  Is it because he was already fed, or because he sees the fingers and toes of a child near by? 

 And off we go. 
 And here they come.  The boat captain tosses them marshmallows. Not very healthy, but they do float so you can see the alligators swallow them on the surface. 

 I loved the cool looking, green reflections in the still water. 

 Furry wildlife!

 The hibiscus related flowers at the edge are marsh mallows. Marshmallow candy was originally made from the sap of this plant. 
 A trapper's camp.

 The old cypress trees grow large here. 
 Cypress knees help the tree roots breathe.
 An egret!
 I think this is a tri-colored heron. 
 Palmetto ferns are among the vegetation here.  In the bottom right corner you can see the orange flowers of the trumpet vine.

 Water hyacinth is not indigenous here and there is an attempt to control its growth. 
 I think this is a snapping turtle. 

 Meet George. 
 A green heron nesting - a very special sighting for me. 

 The guide on another boat feeding chicken to alligators.  When the feeding of the first one began, more and more came to join in. 

 We all returned with all of our fingers and toes.  It was a good tour, and I had fun taking photos.  Can you tell?


  1. That one photo (under the trumpet flowers) of the alligator's eye in mud just gave me chills! They are all wonderful, but that one.. oh my! :-)

  2. Skeery, and yet cool. I so wish I'd been able to take that tour when I was there. Lucky you!

  3. It would give this old prairie boy a jolt to see his first alligator. Great photos and a fun trip.

  4. Oh my gosh! You are far braver than me! (and I was thinking that before I saw you hold an alligator!) I don't want to be in viewing distance!

  5. What an amazing tour, all the flora and fauna is a sight for sore eyes.

  6. I don't think I could live in alligator (and snake) country. And I definitely couldn't be the guy perched on the little shelf, feeding chicken to alligators!

  7. how very cool! i did a tour like this in the florida swamps once.

  8. fun tour and photos but I hate alligators and sharks!

  9. There are places like that in the Everglades--where we once followed a tour boat at a distance in our rented canoe! We both swore we would never do that again--canoe in the Everglades. Not in the Bayou either. At least there was no feeding of alligators involved. That is a criminal offense in Florida. We saw plenty of them anyway.

  10. I agree with Olga. I am surprised that he fed the gators. It is illegal in Florida for the gators learn to view humans as a food source and lose all fear. Not good.
    That tour however would have been my favorite part of the whole trip.

  11. We went on a swamp tour in New Orleans,but didn't get to see half of what you got to see and experience. Good gracious! You got to hold the alligator. Wow! You got to see so many wildlife! This is fabulous!


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