Sunday, June 7, 2015

Going Back In Time

Tom and I had charge of the grand kids this weekend, from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon, so we planned some activities. 

Saturday morning Tom fed the kids waffles while I went off to get a haircut.   When I got home we regrouped and were off to Point Defiance park in Tacoma for a visit to historic Fort Nisqually.
 Reconstructed within the park, Fort Nisqually was originally a Hudson's Bay Company trading post located a few miles south of this location. Some of the buildings here are recreated and some are original, moved here from the real fort. which operated beginning in the 1840's.  

The kids played checkers in the general store. 
 They were both attracted to and creeped out by the fur pelts, especially the ones that still had feet. 
 Climbing up in the bastion was fun. 
 When Irene saw the dress up clothes in one of the activity rooms, she talked me into modeling.  Looks like I put on a few pounds.  That skirt with all of its petticoats was heavy!

 Grandpa didn't escape Irene's prodding either. 

 Isaac did not consent to being revealed in costume on the Internet, so you only get his back 

 The grands were introduced to the "Necessary". 

 Irene was very attracted to all the cool old stuff and was pretty sure she wanted to live here for a day. 

 Tom watched the ladies weaving lavender wands. 

Irene tried her hand at using natural indigo dye.

 The garden seemed to be growing well. 
 The outdoor kitchen was cooking up more dye pots. 
 In the fort kitchen Irene spied something cool.  "Oh, look!  Butter churns!"
 The fort cook explained a bit about life in the fort. 
 We spent some time in the gift shop and did not leave empty handed. I think we all had fun thinking about life in the "good old days".  While Irene wanted to try living like this, I did notice she said for only one day. 

When we left the fort we went looking for lunch at a Dairy Queen, stopped at a few yard sales, and then dealt with traffic trying to get back home.  It least the view was good while we were stuck in the jam-ups. 
Yes, it was another one of those glorious days when the mountain was out. 

We got home in time to see the running of the Belmont Stakes and cheer on Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh. The kids played outside, and Tom and I  puttered and rested.  Then we ate pizza and watched the Sounders play an away match.  They lost.  Boo. We went for a walk in the evening and played at a local park.  We finished off the day by watching the end of the  Mariners Baseball game, where they finally won after seven straight losses. 

When he hugged me good night, Isaac said "I had fun today".  His grandmother smiled. 


  1. I am exhausted. No wonder they like to visit you two. You are high energy.

  2. I really liked visiting the old fort and thinking about what life was like in those days. Grandma and Grandpa looked quite... fetching in their outfits. The kids are growing so fast, I can see the difference in just a few months. This was a fun post, Linda. I always feel like I'm right there with you all. :-)

  3. I love historic sites like that. Love the "one day" stipulation. But the ending "I had fun today" -- you found gold, granny, pure gold.

  4. love your ending comment-that makes it all worthwhile. building those connections with the grands...

  5. Looks like a nice fort to visit. Not too many visitors that day so it seemed you had the place to yourselves.
    I like Isaac's haircut. Wouldn't mind having mine cut like that.

  6. What fun! You and Tom look great in your costumes. Can you imagine gardening in all of that? How did women do it? Looks like Irene and Isaac had another grand adventure with grandma and grandpa! It's funny, I live in the area and have never been to Fort Nisqually although I've been all around it. Love that fancy outdoor kitchen!

  7. What a grand visit. Thank you for sharing the details of what you saw and did. Irene didn't miss a thing, did she? Good that they take an interest and enjoyed the day with their grands.

  8. What a great outing! I think I would like a day maybe two...but that is about it! :)

  9. Wish I had a grand-daughter to play dress-up with! I didn't know about Fort Nisqually, looks like a fun place.

  10. What a great trip, dressing up must have been wonderful. Precious moments and memories to treasure.

  11. Fun for kids and adults alike.

  12. These are great places to take kids. with a little help from Grandma and Grandpa, stuff can make more sense. Now I like Irene's get up...even the brilliant colored flip flops! You're a great sport to dress in period costume.

  13. What an absolutely wonderful day! It's a terrific place for young and young at heart alike. We just loved seeing all your photos.

  14. I LOVE you all in those old fashioned outfits! Oh my! I could move in and live in that place. Your grandchildren are beautiful!


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