Monday, June 22, 2015

Saturday: The French Quarter and a Wedding

Saturday morning we met up with my sister Laurie and Arnie and walked to Jackson Square to a restaurant Arnie had spotted the day before.  Good choice - Bananas Foster french toast for breakfast.

The view from our breakfast table.^
We spent the morning and into the afternoon doing touristy things in the French Quarter, and coping with the heat and humidity.  Thankfully, many shops had air conditioning to cool us down from being on the street.
 St. Louis Cathedral, one of the oldest in the US.
 This street vendor was selling Santas painted on cypress tree knees.  We bought one.

 We checked out what was for sale in the French Market.
 I enjoyed the architecture in the Quarter.
I saw these men unloading this used lumber and thought there might be a story here.  Yep.  The wood is from an old church being demolished and is at least 150 years old.  
It will be used to make interesting and beautiful furniture in this shop/studio.
There were many other examples of art and folk art and good stuff and cheap tourist stuff, but most of it was fun, like these bottle cap creations.
I love the old French style buildings with the plant bedraped wrought iron balconies.

Formerly a judge's house in the early 1800', this lovely home is now a hotel.  
It is famous for its cast iron "corn fence".
About now I sort of felt like this cat, laying flat out on the curb.
Street musicians lift your spirits and your sagging energy.
We lasted until 2:00, and then we were hotel bound, to rest up and freshen up for the evenings event.  A few days ago DJan had mentioned in a comment that there were so few people around.  It was true, until the weekend in New Orleans!  Even the locals complained about the heat.  For most of the places we visited before arriving in New Orleans, there were few tourists around.  It is not the season. 
Saturday evening my nephew Brent and his bride Elspeth were married at the Botanical Garden in City Park. Here are my lovely nieces Janelle and Laura, sisters of the groom, and part of the "groom's people".
Here are the bride's people. 
Here comes the bride on the arm of her brother.
The duck, whose pond we were using as a background, stuck around for the ceremony too.
The flower girl was reluctant to come down the aisle, but then continued to spread petals throughout the service, refilling her basket from the petals strewn along the aisle. 
Presenting Brent and Elspeth, husband and wife.
The bride was beautiful! The flowers were beautiful!
The cake was NOLA style (New Orleans, LA), perhaps even Cajun.  Elspeth comes from Cajun country. 

The Pavilion of the Two Sisters was a lovely venue, and air conditioned!
The reception was fun, with great Cajun food.

And my sister and I even took a little stroll in the garden.


  1. how fun, never visited New Orleans, lovely place for a wedding!

  2. What a wonderful place to visit, despite the heat. Stunning wedding, the bride looked beautiful looked like a great venue.

  3. What gorgeous photos, Linda. That is an awesome wedding. I love that the groom can have women as part of his "people" too.

    So did you get to eat some muffalettas? I can never spell that word!

  4. What a wonderful collection of photos. I enjoyed them all: the architecture, the artisan crafts, the wedding, the wedding attendants' dresses, the unusual and beautiful cake. We've never been to New Orleans but plan to get there some day.

  5. You always seem to make the best of wherever you are!

  6. what a beautiful wedding! it makes me miss NO so much! i love the architecture too.

  7. What a beautiful wedding venue. And yes, the bride looks lovely in that shimmery dress. I can almost feel the heat through your pictures. It's warm here, but nothing like New Orleans. Let's hear it for air conditioning! :-)

  8. What a lovely space for a wedding. I love the last picture of the garden in twilight. All beautiful.

  9. Such wonderful atmosphere for a wedding the the couple are quite adorable.
    Someday I must get to NO, it is so old world.

  10. I have never been to New Orleans, and probably never will.
    Thank you for posting such splendid photos.

  11. Looks like it was a lovely wedding. I've wanted to visit New Otlenas, it looks like such an interesting place. I'm wondering if you'll be back home this weekend. If so, you're in for some New Orleans style heat here too.

  12. I have eaten at the Court of Two Sisters, and it was one of my best meals EVER, anywhere. I love NO.

    Lovely wedding party. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This is a beautiful and historical place to look around. thanks for showing us the best. Weddings are always exciting times.

  14. I just love seeing your pictures! You and Tom make every place you visit extra special. I really like that corn fence. The wedding is simply beautiful. The colors are so pretty.

  15. And they all lived happily ever after. (Once they got inside the air-conditioned hall.) How nice that you could attend this lovely event!

  16. What great wedding colorful! I took one look at the brides gown and thought hope she doesn't step on the hem of her gown or it could be a disaster. :)

  17. The bride was indeed lovely, as was her wedding. It looks like you all had a fabulous time.


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