Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Crazy Busy

I'm trying to remember Friday.  Oh, yes, we went to breakfast and stayed longer than usual. Back home I put away stuff after getting home from Whidbey Gramma Camp the day before, edited my pics, posted a blog, picked produce from the garden and flowers to be arranged, and made a macaroni salad for Saturday.

Saturday we were out of the house by 6:45 in order to get to Vernonia, Oregon in time for a family meeting at 10:00 at my sister Ilene's house.  There my two sisters and my brother and I signed off on the official documents to relinquish our ownership of the family cabin at Rockaway Beach over to the Norquist Legacy Trust. 
 Our cabin has undergone a big transformation in the last few years.  The photo above is from April of this year, and the one below is of August of 2014.  On my sidebar you can see the cabin as it was before, when our mother was still alive. It was her legacy that provided us with the cabin and the money to make the improvements. 
My siblings and I have spent many hours over the last six months bringing about this change in ownership, and now the cabin belongs to all generations of the family who are members of the Trust. We celebrated our accomplishment.

We were going to meet in a park in town but the cold wind drove us out and into the garage of Ilene's brand new house.  A recent widow, she just moved into her new house a week ago, after selling her old family home and having a just-right house built for her. We celebrated her new house. 

Then it was time for the First Annual Trustees Meeting for the Norquist Legacy Trust.  With a lot going on this time of year, we didn't get everyone there, but several were available via smart phone as we elected officers and decided on operating procedures and the next maintenance projects.  We celebrated the participation of our young people in the decision making. 

Then, of course, we had a picnic.  The rain had let up, but we just stayed in the garage and ate fried chicken and salads and cake and pies, Oh MY!

 We took a group photo, of course.

And then, if that wasn't enough celebrating, we went to a wedding! Ilene's grandson Logan was marrying his lovely bride Lisa in a park.  Mostly the rain held off and the wedding was lovely.

 My sisters and I had a good time. 
 Ilene with her grandson Logan and granddaughter Stephanie.

We had a long drive back home, arriving back in the dark and the rain at 11:00.  It was a long but very good day.

Of course while we were gone, that big wind and rain storm hit our area.  We did not lose power, but we do have a mess to clean up outside, if we ever get time to do it. 
 Fortunately we did not have any trees down on our house. 
Sunday we managed to get in a walk between showers, and then at noon we left to go to another Sounders soccer match downtown at the stadium. It was a big game against our biggest rival, Portland, and 64,350 fanatics were in attendance.
Including Jill and these two. 
 We got to watch as the huge tifo was deployed, depicting Orca Sammy Sounder ready to devour Timber Joey.  This was the project we had helped with, spending three evenings in early August painting. 
Even Jake made it to the match. Using one crutch and his knee scooter, he took the Metro bus to the stadium.  It was his first game back since June when he broke his ankle. 

 The Sounders have been struggling this summer, what with injuries and national team call ups, so it felt very good to win this one.
By Monday we were just plain worn out, but we did manage to get in a walk and get the laundry and housework done.

Then today Jill had a project for me. School starts Thursday and she needed some more sit-upons for her 26 students.  We went shopping for fabric and stuffing, and then I spent the rest of the day getting reacquainted with my serger and sewing machine, and made nine little pillows for second grade bottoms. 
I don't have anything planned for tomorrow.  That's a good thing. 


  1. Such a beautiful wedding. You have so much energy, take a day off and relax.

  2. Wow, Linda! I think even the Energizer bunny recharges sometimes.

  3. I saw that picture of you and your sisters on Facebook. What a busy time! I'm glad you missed the windstorm and that nothing was damaged at your place. It was just a terrible time up here, very scary, and 35 hours without power was plenty for me! :-)

  4. What a beautiful wedding. I especially love that beautiful cake.

    Glad the Sounders won and that Jake was able to attend the game.

    Congrats on getting that trust to accommodate all members of the family. That cabin is great.

  5. That was one busy weekend. The legacy is a very interesting vehicle for setting up ownership that can pass without a lot of complication. I've never heard of it.

  6. Thank you for explaining that banner displayed at the start of the game. I only watched the beginning to look for you all in the crowd but everyone was in Sounder gear. You blended in. Glad you won.
    Well done on the group ownership of the house.

  7. Your Mother was forward thinking and it is good that the house is in a trust! Now the majority rules and you can all enjoy visits there:)

  8. you sound like the energizer bunny-good for you. I'm slowing down with a bum knee and cataract eye surgery looming in the future. Guess I'm getting older...lol!

  9. An exciting future for the cabin! You're lucky that so many of your family members live in relative proximity to you. A lovely wedding! Glad the rain wasn't too bad - doesn't mix well with formal attire!

  10. I was about to leave a comment yesterday, when I was interrupted. You really are the busiest person, always doing something interesting. You have the nicest family.

  11. What a gorgeous wedding! I love the idea of putting that wonderful house in a trust for future generations to enjoy!!!


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