Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grandparents Day?

Apparently today is Grandparents Day.  I stumbled upon that information while checking the latest developments on Facebook.  It's hard to find anything significant on Facebook amidst all the posters people share on there, anything from cute kitties to the latest "Why I hate the President" (or Hillary) propaganda. But that's another post.

I don't know the history of Grandparents Day.  I could Goolge it, but I don't care that much.  I suspect it had the backing of the Hallmark Card Company. 

The good thing is that I did spend time with my two grandchildren yesterday.  Isaac had his first of the season soccer game.  I joined Jill and Irene in attending.  After we dropped Isaac off an hour before the game started, the three of us girls went to Starbucks for a bit of lunch.  There I had a chance to talk to Irene.

I learned that Irene is tried after five days of school because she has to carry her backpack around with her all day. She is in fifth grade, but she has three different teachers and moves to three different classrooms.  She has reading and writing from one, math from another and science from a third. I asked her what she was reading in the Reading class, since I am a former reading specialist and care about such things.

"Books" was the answer. The longer answer is that they have a leveled library in their classroom, and the kids read books on their level, as determined by testing.  Irene informed me with a grin that she has the highest level in her grade, level Y, as in ABC........XYZ.  At the beginning of 5th grade she has only one more level to go.  She told me that there was a Level Z-2, but that is "Adult Reading". Oh my. 

Irene does read because she likes to, not because she has to.  Could be a correlation there. 

She also has an activity period every Friday where the kids get to research their "passion" .  She has chosen art for the first three month session.  We'll see what that brings. 

From watching Isaac on the soccer field, I can see that he will be a bit of a star on this newly combined team.  At twelve years old he is the fastest runner on the team, and is exhibiting some really good ball handling skills. He is fun to watch. 

There was a pretty good crowd of parents on the sidelines on this sunny, almost hot afternoon. 
His orange shoes make it easier to spot him on the field.

 He did get the ball around this defender and on down the field, one of many such smooth moves. Unfortunately his team lost 2-1.
After the game it was time for some ice cream.  While we were enjoying our cool treat I got to talk to Isaac about school.  He is in middle school this year, seventh grade, and catches a bus to school. That's all new to him, and he was relieved to find friends at the bus stop and in some of his classes. I learned that he has to pack is backpack all day too, except when he can stow it in his PE locker.  He has Science, History, PE, Language Arts, Algebra, and Engineering Drawing. I think we used to call it mechanical drawing, but times have changed.  

"Algebra in seventh grade?" I asked.  Yes, that's his next step, and yes, it is high school level algebra and will count for high school credit. Wow.  No wonder kids find themselves in Running Start college level classes by 11th grade.  

Jill and I are of the opinion that schools should offer broader experiences, not acceleration. Comprehensive high schools should be rich in academics and activities and sports and music and clubs - all of it.  But I guess that's how they provide for the higher level kids now-a-days, - move them on and up, since there is such a lack of educational funding and the student range is so broad. 

After school Isaac stays for middle school soccer before riding the bus home and going to club soccer two nights a week.  Irene starts her team soccer next Saturday.  Jill is hopping, of course. 

 These are a few photos I took while out walking on the island on Labor Day, after the big picnic.

Tom missed out on our Saturday Grandparents Day because he was at the Whidbey cabin helping to put new stain on the cabin shingles.  The job isn't finished, but they got a good start.  Tom also finished painting Jill's deck this week.  And the patch job on the roof he engineered seems to have worked in holding back the rain and wind during that big storm we had a few weeks ago.  What a good Dad and Grandpa he is! 

After a walk in the drizzle this morning, I see that the sun is shining. We watched the Sounders on TV yesterday evening.  They tied. We watched the Seahawks on TV this morning.  They lost in overtime.  Maybe it's time to get up and move outside.  More rain is on the way.  Better take advantage of the sunshine. 


  1. When you had drizzle this morning, we had complete sunshine. Now it's a mix of sun and clouds. Sorry about the Seahawks loss, but darn it was close! :-)

  2. We sing on the same page when it comes to education. I don't think gr 5's should have three teachers. keep it at one for a more secure setting. Kids that age aren't ready to be shuffled around all day. I agree that acceleration is an iffy way to go. Again kids end up at a level where they are not socially mature enough to handle the situation. Reading ? Oh yes. Get kids to read. I was not insulted when I found kids reading during my lessons.

  3. Education is shifting this way and that even in the short time I've been retired from our school district. I look at my granddaughter's school and have raised my eyebrows more than once.

    I didn't know it was Grandparents Day either until I received a handmade card from my granddaughter and a text message from our son.

  4. Grandparents Day, like you said it is most likely one made up by a card company. Good to hear that Irene is a reader, good readers make the best students! :)

  5. I didn't know it was Grandparents day either, I have actually never come across this before. Education is constantly changing here too, its hard to keep up with the constant testing that seems to be required these days.

  6. Well, my precious grandchildren totally blew off the day. Oh well. I still love them more than anything!

  7. Glad you had a good time with the grandkids, who are older than mine. I, too, had a good conversation with mine about how they felt about school. It's enlightening to have this sort of conversation now and then just to know what is happening in their lives.

  8. It's that time again---school sports. We went to my grandsons football game. they both play on the same team. Good game but they lost. Experience! You should check out their high school--I put a link on my blog. It is very innovative.
    Love Issac's shoes. LOL

  9. You are such a good grandmother--you deserve a day. How neat that you quizzed the kids about school. Most adults settle for "fine" but you went for details. That has to make them feel good. What happened to lockers? That is were we put our books or got new ones between classes. That kind of explains the big push for backpacks these days.


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