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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Transitioning into Fall

It is beginning.  That transition from summer to fall.
The garden shed is becoming a shed again.  Irene's flower shop is closed.  
 The greenhouse has been transformed from a storage shed back to a place for overwintering plants.  Tom has taken cuttings of his fancy leaf geraniums and put them in growing medium to set roots.  they will be next years's plants. 
 Before long pots will be moved in and the shelves and floor will be full.
 This afternoon he took cuttings of plectranthus.

After cleaning out the flower shop/shed, I started putting away summer things on the patio. I took off the oil cloth table coverings and the umbrella and we put the the patio rocking chairs and plastic chairs in the shed. 

I never like putting away summer, but it does feel good when jobs are done and things are simplified.
 But I couldn't go all the way yet.  This part is still summer. Notice that the grass is all green again, thanks to the rain we finally got.  More is on the way.
In fact, the water system is mostly turned off outside now, while inside the furnace is coming on in the evenings when the automatic schedule bumps up to 70. 

I picked more crops today, some beans and zucchini, which are shutting down now,  and I pulled a few carrots. Then I picked new bouquets for the house. 
 September is the time for asters, here mixed with marigolds for the kitchen table. 
Some of the dahlias blew over in the storm, but there are still plenty of blooms to pick for color in the downstairs bathroom. 
The nights are getting colder and the first tinge of red is showing on the top of the Full Moon Maple tree outside our office window upstairs. 
Josy is snoring softly on the desk chair beside me. She doesn't like it that I'm not eating lunch outside on the patio anymore, but she is not spending as much time outside now either.  She is transitioning too. 


  1. Beautiful flowers. I am transitioning as well, since yes it's definitely turning to fall. :-)

  2. Your asters and dahlias are gorgeous! I'm a bit behind with putting summer away. I've started clearing the tomatoes out of the greenhouse to make space for the plants that need to come in for the winter. It's hard to cut plants off when they still have unripened fruit on them but every time I cut out a bit of the tomato jungle, the view gets better; the light brighter.

  3. Such big asters! I only have the small ones here. I must up my game. My AC is off and the heater will not be turned on until we can no longer bear the cold in the daytime. Cold at night is great for sleeping.

  4. Summertime is my favorite season. I hate to see it come to an end. Your pictures make me miss my greenhouse.

  5. You certainly have some delightful blooms. We have started to light the stove late afternoon as it is really chilly in the evening. We have also started to pack away the summer furniture and started the transition from summer to autumn.

  6. Fall was definitely in the air this morning, although no frost as yet. Always a bittersweet time of year for me.

  7. Here in Hawaii, we don't transition at all. We have perpetual summer.

  8. Something special about the change of seasons, although it is never as dramatic here in Texas as in the Midwest or Seattle. For a gardener, fall begins to look like a time for a bit of respite.

  9. Yep it is pretty Fallish outside now. I do like that the grass is green and the evenings are cooler. Not quite ready for the heat to come on or a fire to be built. I love the cooler mornings too.
    we canned pears yesterday. Our little Pear tree had a nice crop. The apples are getting ready and we have PLENTY!!

  10. I love the transition of seasons here in the PNW. I'm ready for this summer to be over. It's been hot & dry which goes against my PNW mindset. Love these cool fall days.

  11. I never like "putting away summer" either. On the other hand, there is a comfort that one gets in going through the rituals of each other. Tom will have plants to tend that will bloom next year. There is so much hope in gardening. I think that is why some love it so much.

  12. Fall brings much important work for a gardener. What we do in the fall counts for success next year.

  13. Lovely mums. Not much to put away here in the condo but I will put out a couple of pots of mums out on my patio after seeing yours. Wonderful garden you have.

  14. Your arrangements are just beautiful. Love the idea of saving cuttings for next year. Saves a bunch of money.
    We have had such a brutal summer that I can't wait for Fall. We have had a few tease days but the warmer temps are back.

  15. Your bouquets are beautiful! I am in no hurry to put away summer yet but it could snow in a few weeks. :)

  16. That is a gorgeous bouquet! It's hard for me to think it's fall now and having to prepare for winter on the mainland because it's so hot and humid over here.


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