Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Yes, today I'm blogging about logging. 

Well, at least a bit of wood cutting that took place on the Reeder Estate today.

Friday morning Little Joe's Tree Service will arrive early to begin the job of removing our forty year old fir hedge. We decided while pruning it this July that it had to go.

The hedge was thin and scraggly in most places and dying in others, and pruning it was getting to be much too hard. 
Yesterday we cleared out brush and puled out the old fencing wire.

 Then we had to deal with the old pine tree that Tom and cut two years ago, after it just up and died.  The tree is on our neighbor's property, but we planted it way back when. After he cut it down, Tom just left it on the ground because our current neighbor has let his yard go to ruin, and this back lot is just becoming  a weed and bramble filled mess. 
 Now we had to deal with it to get it out of the way. Since the tree crew is also going to take out the dead junipers in the driveway hedge, we cut one out to get access. 
 I am the log holder while Tom uses the chain saw, and also the wood stacker. 
 The old, dead wood was very tough to split. I mentioned to Tom that I should have nagged him more when he first cut the tree down.  It would have been easier to split.  He sort of agreed. 
 But now it is all cut and stacked along with the other trimmings and tree remains that have bit the dust.  We don't often have a fire in the fireplace, so our own lot usually supplies what wood we need. 
 Tom covered the wood pile with new plastic while I cleaned up. 
 And then he and Josy took a well earned rest.  
Well, Tom earned it.  Cats don't have to earn their naps. 


  1. I am thinking you earned a wee nap yourself!

  2. You two are so active, even without trying. And I laugh at how often I see Tom on his phone. You're right about Josy: she's doing what cats do best, relaxing with her loved ones. :-)

  3. how ambitious, it's never ending work to have a yard...

  4. Oh my, this change sounds drastic. Will be watching to see your new plans for the area. It is so true that there comes a time when something just needs to go so you can start fresh again. I think it's junipers I don't like because they smell like cat pee.

  5. Cats and dogs seem to sleep away most of the day, but they really do like to cuddle if you take the time to slow down. Tom really did deserve the rest after all that work. Good job, Tom!

  6. Oh Goodness, what a back-breaking chore. You both earned a rest.

  7. Nothing better than a beautifully lit fireplace.
    Enjoy the wood.

  8. Great job. I had some firs taken out of my front yard. Plus with the drought here they had become kind of a fire hazard. More fun to have the logs for your fire this winter.

  9. I am amazed at how large your property is and what an all consuming job it must be to keep up. Glad you are hiring part of it done.
    You should have some really nice fires when it gets cold. Resting was well deserved.

  10. Cutting down trees and cleaning them up is a lot of work. YOU DID A GOOD JOB. I GOT RID OF MY CHAIN SaW ABOUT ThREE YEARS AGO.

  11. Oh my gosh.... How do you have the energy for all this!

  12. Good heavens! Tom definitely earned his rest. That's a whole lot of logs he split!


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