Thursday, September 3, 2015

Updates and Accomplishments

The big news on Wednesday was that Jake is cleared for take off!
 Jake had his second physical therapy session and passed the strength test, and so for the first time in nine weeks, he gets to drive his car! Freedom! He will still wear the boot on his ankle for a while yet, but no more crutches. 

The broken ankle pretty much wiped out his summer, and his job, but he is now beginning to get his life back.

Today, Thursday Sept. 3, is the first day of school for the Highline School District. 
 Irene is off to 5th grade, Isaac is starting middle school (7th grade) and Jill is back in the class room with 27 second graders.  We are wishing them all well, and are thinking about all of our teacher friends who are still on the job.  A new year, new challenges, and new opportunities.

On the home front. we have had two days of dry, cool weather, just right for working in the yard. Yesterday I got the patio cleared of all the storm debris, 
 And Tom and I worked together to clean up the driveway and the front entrance. 

Then I got started on raking the lawn of debris, while Tom picked crops.

Today I finished raking the lawn. 

Then Tom mowed the lawn. He wanted to use his reel mower, which cuts the grass shorter.  He has been using the rotary mower most of the summer to leave the grass longer in the heat. 
 He got started with the reel mover, which was turning my green lawn brown.  I didn't like it but I let it be and started edging the lawn. 
 Well, there was trouble.  It seems the reel mower wasn't happy either, and it quit. 
 Tom finished the job with the rotary mower. You can see the difference in the two mowed stripes below. 
So the lawn got mowed and I got the edging done and now everything is looking spiffy.

And now, since I had my camera out, you get some pretty pictures. 

 The garden is still producing vegetables and cut flowers.  the storm didn't do much damage, but the cool temps will cause it to start shutting down soon. 
 My few delphiniums re-bloomed this year.  I deadheaded them and they came back with vigor.  I guess they liked the heat. 

 The Nepeta has also re-bloomed well. 

The tomatoes are still producing well. 

 I also got the deck swept and things are looking good down there. 

It's a good feeling to have accomplished all of this.  The garden is back in shape and hopefully there will be more summer days in which to enjoy it. The calendar says summer lasts until September 23rd, and being retired means we don't have to go back to school. 


  1. Your plants are in great shape in spite of the nasty weather they've just gone through. It's a lot of work but very rewarding. I used to think of school starting in the fall but not anymore. My teacher days are gone.

  2. Great news about Jake. Your garden is looking amazing despite the storm, what a beautiful and productive space.

  3. Glad Jake is getting his life back. What a shame the broken ankle consumed his summer. Irene and Isaac look mighty sharp as they return to school. And your gardens? Gorgeous, as always. You get great returns for your hard work.

  4. It's always wonderful to have a virtual tour in your garden and yard. I've got some tomatoes, kale, and lettuce out in my garden still going strong. That's about it, but it was a wonderful summer in the garden department. You did a lot of work and it shows. :-)

  5. i sure could use you two in my gardens. i am trapped in the house all day with teddy while the workers swarm the outside and it's been so dry, everything is awful. i need fall fast.

  6. just lovely and you keep it that way....

  7. Your gardens and lawn are looking great considering your lack of rain this summer. Nepta does quite well with an shearing...the bees should love it! :)

  8. Hope the grandkids like their classes. My grandson started kindergarten and told me he does not like it because he can't take a nap. He is always tired. He said he likes the 2 recesses, though.

  9. Wonderful news about Jake's recovery. He must fell like he is out on parole. Hope he continues to do well and gets his life back soon.
    You all do good work. Can't even tell the storm had gone through and scattered debris. I got the same brown look when I scalped with my rider this last time. Who knew that brown stuff was even there?

  10. I'm happy for Jake. Gosh, it must feel great to out and about again. Isaac and Irene have grown this summer! Your yard is perfect, just perfect! I don't know how you keep all those beautiful flowers and plants healthy and blooming.

  11. What a lovely look at the last days of summer. You have a beautiful yard. It is interesting to not be going back to school for the first time, and to get to be home to enjoy what is my favorite season - this cusp of summer and fall.

  12. Your gardens are spectacular! Lots of hard work and dedication and it shows.

    I'll be pulling everything from my containers next weekend as we'll have frost soon and I'll be away for a couple of weeks on vacation.

    Enjoy the weather and have a great weekend!

  13. I always loved looking at photos of your garden before, but now that I've seen it in person I can feel like I'm back there wandering around that huge patch of Eden you and Tom have created.


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