Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Stroll

With the housework and laundry done, and time to spare this afternoon, I chose for us to go for a destination walk today instead of the normal route through our neighborhood. 

The weather was perfect, about 70 degrees and breezy, with the sun playing peekaboo with the scudding clouds. We took the short drive over to the Green River Trail. 

We started our walk in this grove of big old cottonwoods. 
 The Green River was looking very green. Everything has benefited from the rains that finally came. 

 Fall colors are beginning to happen. 

This is an urban trail. That's Costco right there behind those trees, easily seen on our return trip after turning around at 1.7 miles.  
 Refreshing rain has brought new blooms - wild pea and yarrow. 
 We stopped here to watch fish jumping in the river. 
 A wetland has been preserved amidst the warehouses. 

 A cluster of Caterpillars - not the butterfly kind. 
 High water gauge - see the red line? 
 Pyracantha berries are bright orange. 

 A big dark cloud moved in to the south and we were on the edge of it, getting light sprinkles, just enough for a rainbow!
 Tom is standing near the base of this giant maple tree.  There was a pioneer orchard here, but now all of those old trees are gone, leaving this one old survivor of days gone by. 
 Somebody else knew about those fish jumping. 
 We walked almost 3.4  miles, just right. Relaxing and refreshing.

Now Tom is picking up the pizza I ordered and we're settling in for Sunday Night Football.  Go Seahawks!


  1. Your Sunday afternoon stroll is my Monday morning scroll! Lovely post. Thanks so much for sharing! XO

  2. I like clever KaHolly's comment and will say "ditto" to it. You always have such great pictures. :-)

  3. A beautiful walk--right there in the middle of the box stores. What a nice treat you gave yourselves.

  4. You live in such a pretty place. I enjoyed the pictures from your walk, and all the way back through your "logging" post. I'm so far behind with everything!

  5. Thanks for your photo essay. Looks like a pleasant walk.

  6. We have all kinds of opportunities for good walks in the city. You took good advantage of it.

  7. What a nice sojourn. Lucky you to have a good place to exercise.

  8. What a lovely place to walk. Liked that it looked mostly level. I am really impressed with those red leaves. So far, we are still either green or brown.

  9. What a nice destination walk! The pear tree/reminder of days gone by...Kind of sad that so much of our farmland is being paved over and used for industrial purposes.

  10. This sounds like such a lovely, refreshing walk.


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