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Monday, September 21, 2015

Patio Transition Complete

Since I bought all of those plants over the weekend, I figured I should just go ahead and get them planted. 

The summer tender plants made a wonderful display. This is how the patio grouping looked in early August.
But now all of the fancy echeverias and agave have been moved into the green house.  They don't like getting too wet and the winter makes them shiver to death. 

Tom had taken cuttings from the big geranium on the left, so we'll just let that stay until the frost takes it. The coleus and petunias were shutting down and looking bedraggled, so they are now in the compost bin along with the potato vines.  The canna has been removed to the greenhouse as well.  

I stuffed the big center pot with plants that will winter over,
  And now it all looks like this.

Another big patio pot has lost its summer look, too, and is now stuffed with new purchases. 

 We put away the rainbow umbrella and the last oil cloth table covering. 
Now it's all cleaned up and ready for the cedar tree to start dumping  on it.  In the meantime we'll enjoy a simpler look.


  1. You've done a great job of replanting your pots for winter interest. How lucky we are to live in this area where we can still appreciate plants in the winter! The cleaner look is attractive but nothing beats the abundance of our summer gardens!

  2. Maybe next week we will begin the clean-up. Ugh.

  3. It's still very lovely, Linda. You two sure make it look easy, but I know it's not. :-)

  4. We turned the heat on this morning for the first time this season. I'm an ivy lover & have so missed not being able to buy the less agressive varieties of English ivy since Oregon passed the law forbidding the sale of English ivy. However, this spring I found three hanging baskets of the variegated less agressive ivy, Yippee! I bought all they had! My patio now looks like a jungle & I love it. I'm expecting it to do well out there through the winter since the patio is covered.

  5. I did a garden clean up the other day. I don't worry about plants that might winter over here in Vermont. Your deck looks lovely in any season.

  6. It's a sad time when we have to clean up and put away some colorful plants. You sound happy and you should be as you enjoyed them all summer.

  7. Nice job of downsizing. Still looks great and how nice that you will still have some color for winter.

  8. I've been going around cleaning my gardens for fall. Somethings are ready to move or be pulled up, but the vegetable garden is still giving us lots of fresh veggies. This is my favorite time of the year . . . the days are so clear and bright and the nights crisp. After our hot summer the cool weather is so welcoming. Your patio looks lovely . . . great job on downsizing and cleaning up for fall.

  9. the seasons are definitely changing though it's still 90 degrees plus here...

  10. Everything you do always looks so pretty....


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