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Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Working Vacation at Rockaway Beach.

There are always projects to be completed at our old family cabin at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast.  
Recent improvements have left the need for some finishing touches, and when those jobs can be done by us old retired people, we do what we can. 
 The younger crew had installed Hardy board and insulation under the newly raised cabin last spring.  We now added caulking and battens to seal the seams. 
 Nail guns are a wonderful invention, but Tom is the power tool guy, not me. I hold stuff. 

 When that was finished, we added cedar fascia boards to the foundation beams. We had to figure out how to apply them over the bolts and brackets. 

 Then we had to figure out how to fill the air gap under the wall. 
 And then that was done. 
Inside, Tom installed new door knobs and locks.  My mother was a very generous person and she distributed a lot of keys to the place over the years.  It was now time to change the locks and get back control of access.  
But it wasn't all work.  Tom had time to read and nap.  I had time to write and read and walk. We both found time for eating. 
 Dinner at the Pelican Brewery and Tap Room
Enjoying wine and cheese that were birthday presents. 
Tillamook Oregon Hazelnut Salted Caramel ice cream at the Sea Breeze in Rockaway.  We had to walk there to earn it. 
Friday morning coffee break at the Bay Front Bakery in Garibaldi.  The apple fritters are my favorite. 

And of course there is always the beach and Twin Rocks for walks and photo ops.  We had some rain and some sunshine. Thursday was beautiful and gave us some sunset color. 

While we were walking on the beach Thursday we saw some clusters of dark spots in four or five places out on the water just beyond the breaker line.  We couldn't figure out what they were.  So I went back to the cabin and got my little Canon camera with the powerful zoom, and tried to hold the camera still enough to macro zoom in and see what they were.

 I still wasn't sure until I put the flash card on my lap top and cropped the photos. Sea lions! For some reason they were just hanging out in little social groups, rolling around in the waves.  I guess they were enjoying the beautiful day too. 
Friday started out calm. The view from the cabin porch had a bit of color from the sun rise. 
After our trip to the bakery, we stopped at the Tillamook Bay jetty, where now the wind was howling. Tom stayed snug in the car but I had to get  a few photos, of course. 

Rain moved in, and that made it easier to pack up and clean up the cabin and move on back home to Seattle. 


  1. Those are some fabulous pictures of the sea lions! What beautiful pictures of the beach, too. Wow! :-)

  2. I think hard work makes us enjoy the rest of our life that much more. I really like the last photos of the angry sea.

  3. IT is a beautiful coastline, isn't it? I'm looking forward to going next week as a reward for getting my grant writing done. The cabin looks great...ready for many more years of family fun.

  4. You are truly blessed to be able to spend time at such a beautiful place. The food treats certainly looked tempting.

  5. You got some serious work completed on the cabin, and you also got some time to enjoy the ocean. Great photos, especially the sunset.

  6. Your cabin looks so new and must be happy to be taken care of so well. Love this photos, all of them!

  7. I like apple fritters, too.

  8. This is one of my favorite places on the Oregon Coast. Lucky you to have a cabin there. It looks like a perfect getaway, complete with apple fritters which make everything better. :-)

  9. I've never been to Oregon, but I've a friend who is going soon... just because she's always wanted to. I told her to be sure to see the Oregon beaches as I've seen pics on blogs that were just wonderful (like yours).

  10. You two are the workingest folks I know but I am aways impressed how you always manage to include some fun times also. You have great balance.

  11. You have captured so many moods with your pictures. I agree with what Arkansas Patti has to say!

  12. Wonderful photos! I so enjoy the Oregon I always enjoy your photos of Rockaway Beach:)

  13. I was going to tell you how much I love that first picture of the cabin, with the reflection, but all the pictures are breathtaking. I love the picture of you with the Pepsi glasses, and that is the biggest and best looking apple fritter ever! Apple fritters are my favorite!

  14. Another great get away! You got some good work done and found time to do a bit of relaxing too. Hooray. Beautiful pictures!


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