Greetings from Seattle

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Night Football in Seattle

We Seahawks fans can all breathe a sigh of relief. Our team squeezed out a victory over the lowly Detroit Lions, even though it looked at times like we were trying to give the game away. 

Here at the Reeder homestead, we hosted Isaac and Irene for dinner and the game on TV while Jill and Jake attended live in the stadium. Jill became a Seahawks season ticket holder this year, and has selected some of the season home games to attend, while putting the rest up for sale on the ticket exchange. Those sales go for a much higher price, so Jill can end up paying for next season from the proceeds. 
This is the view from her seats, three of them.  She will be taking the kids to some of the afternoon games.  Today, she took her brother and a teacher she works with. They only have to pay the season ticket holder price when they go with her. 

Some of you readers have asked about Jake. It has been announced that his bones have healed, but the ligament damage will take longer. He still has pain when he walks.  It has been three  months since his soccer injury occurred, and rehabilitation will continue for some time yet.  He goes to physical therapy once a week and then works on his exercises on his own during the week. 

Now with the busy extended weekend behind us, Tom and I are leaving for the Oregon coast in the morning, where we hope to get in some down time while also completing some work projects on the cabin. 

You'll see me on Facebook, but not on this blog for a while. See you later. 


  1. Glad to learn we won that football game. I rely on you to keep me posted. Have a great time in Oregon! I'll look for you on Facebook so I won't go into withdrawal. :-)

  2. Hope you have scheduled a lot of down time in Oregon. You have earned it. Have a great time and see ya when you get back.

  3. Good to hear an update on all takes time. As long as he can walk that is a good thing, he may have pain a long time. My best to him:)


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