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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

When life is as busy as it is for Jill and the kids, they have to seize opportunities when they can.  So it was that we joined them for pumpkin carving a week before Halloween. 

While Tom and I were off touring gardens and doing some antique shopping, Jill and Isaac and Irene went to a local pumpkin patch Saturday afternoon. When we got home about 6:00, we grabbed a bite to eat, picked our pumpkins from the nearby Safeway store, and joined them by 7:00 for some Jack-o-lantern fun. 
My pumpkin was oddly dry and stringy inside, almost like a spaghetti squash. 
 Isaac selected a misshapen pumpkin and used the scared side for the face.  
 I think Tom won the creativity award with his dented Jack-o-lantern. 
 Irene worked very intently on her kitty face. 

 Jill created an owl from her green pumpkin.
 I made my standard happy face Jack-o-lantern. 

 Isaac's was very creative too.

 Irene's cat caught a mouse. Jill created ghosts out of a white pumpkin. We lit them all up to admire our work.  
Now they will adorn our porches in the week leading up to All Hallowed's Eve.

Trick or treat! 


  1. Well done, all of you! Tom's is very clever, the way he used that dent.

  2. First, I totally agree with "What (you) Think." Second, the pumpkin carving results look creative and professional.

  3. I won $100 for my carving at a local church.
    Wonderful memories.

  4. Wow! That is amazing. Would you believe I've never carved a pumpkin? Looks like I've missed something fun.

  5. Wonderful! What a bunch of creative people you are. Looks like terrific fun, and I love your pretty one, with your smiling face next to it :-)

  6. You're a great bunch of carvers. That's a great activity to do with kids.

  7. What a great looking bunch of pumpkins! Well done! I do like Irenes the best:)

  8. They all look fabulous and lined up together they just say a good time had by all the carvers.

  9. All very creative. Good family fun.

  10. you do make me wish my children would have such traditions and invite us over...alas, not to happen. Yours look terrific.

  11. Wow. What wonderful jack o' lanterns; you are a creative bunch! Great pictures.

  12. Great jack-o-lanterns; very well done and funny!

  13. So glad I didn't miss this post. The pumpkins look great! What a special, talented, wonderful family you have.

  14. I am so impressed! That is absolutely awesome! We're missing the pumpkin carving in Illinois since our grandson in Hershey is too little yet to appreciate Jack-o-lanterns. You guys are so creative and imaginative! VERY well done, all of you!


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