Thursday, October 29, 2015

Working Trip to Whidbey

It was a dreary, drizzly Monday, so we took our time getting up to the cabin on Whidbey Island.

As we got settled in and had some lunch, the sky lifted a bit. We saved the work for Tuesday and took off to Bayview and Langley.  Those posts will come later. 

Tuesday morning was foggy and damp, but there was work to do, and we got on it. 
By noon the fog had cleared to expose an almost blue sky - a lovely day. Down there in the front garden, we weeded and transplanted and dug out old rosemary bushes and planted tulip bulbs that had come from last year's plantings at home. 
By 4:00 we were stiff and sore and tired, and done!
The rosemary bushes awaited on the fire circle?  Would they burn?
Tom got a little aggressive with his fire starter (lawn mower gas) and almost lost his eyebrows as the match found the fuel. 
It was much too peaceful a setting for such drama. 

A perching heron just ignored us. 

The gulls continued their house sitting next door. 
A belted kingfisher chattered in for a landing.  I love these guys!

And burn it did.  Smelled good too. 

I went off with my camera for a little walk, to enjoy the late afternoon sun. The view of the lagoon from several doors down the road was equally lovely. 
There was more heron watching on a pier at the end of the beach road. 

Over on the bay side, the tide was in and lapping on the shore. 

There's more subtle color in the garden in autumn. 
I found Tom enjoying a glass of wine and reading his phone by the lagoon, where he was on fire patrol. At least that's what he told me was the reason he couldn't go for a walk. 
Sunset brought a bit of color as the light faded

and finally gave way to a full moon rising as fog formed over the wetlands. 

Rain returned Wednesday morning, and we returned home, still stiff and sore, but satisfied with a job well done. 

We couldn't linger because we had another Sounders match to attend Wednesday evening - the knockout round of the playoffs. 

I am happy to report that Seattle knocked off the LA Galaxy and the Sounders live to play again - Sunday, at home! 

Our life is full. 


  1. I was so pleased to see the Sounders won! And your pictures, Linda, are simply wonderful, as usual. Glad to know Tom is okay and enjoying that wine! :-)

  2. Great pictures, especially the birds, thank you! I love Whidbey.

  3. You and Tom work so hard, yet I have the distinct sense that you get "paid" handsomely for all your efforts. The island photos are stunning.

  4. You got lots of work done and found lots of birds.

  5. It was a rather dreary, rainy day yesterday in Hershey, PA too. I think it was hurricane Patricia. They celebrated Halloween on Thursday which was a surprise, but 80 children showed up and the candy supply actually ran out. Amazing.

  6. Gorgeous shots of Whidbey as usual. What a great spot! Ooh, the fragrance of rosemary smoke is delightful! I sometimes save pruned branches to put atop the coals in the barbecue. If you close the lid, the fragrance imbues whatever you're grilling with rosemary flavor.

  7. Well, you do live in paradise and I think I smell the rosemary burning. Why did you take it out? Too big?

  8. sounds like fun work in a beautiful location!

  9. Your Fall Gardens are looking great! :)


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