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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Annual Norquist Family Cider Bee

It's apple squeezing time again, time for the family cider bee. 

Why do we call it a "bee"? Well, I Googled it just to be sure: a Bee is a term used for working together, communal work.

That's what was happening at my brother Hank's home in Chehalis. We all pitched in to work and play and talk and eat. 

There was apple cutting, and some interesting apple carving, from this set of cut ups. 

 There was apple squeezing from this crew with the muscles manning the cider press. 
 And there was plenty of carrying on here too. 

Of course someone had to fetch the apples from the truck. 

Then there is the bottling crew. 

 This is just part of the finished product. 
We took turns switching off of various jobs, as well as just sitting and visiting.  
 The grandpas did some catching up.
Of course there was eating. 

Because our brother Hank has complained that he gets left out of photos when his three sisters get together, we made sure that didn't happen.
The Norquist siblings: Linda, Ilene, Henry, Laurie

Thank you, Brother Hank, and Cindy and Jordan, for hosting!  It was another great family event. 


  1. What a great tradition. So nice for all the kids to get together.

  2. Oh, it's that time again! I can almost taste all that great cider, every year I look forward to it, Linda. It marks the autumn season for me now. :-)

  3. Many hands make light work,...and valuable family time.

  4. We buy and drink apple juice from Target every day and prefer it to orange juice. I would love to taste that cider.

  5. What a great day! We used to have bees when I was a kid on the farm. Our house was built by having a long summer of work bees. That's a good amount of juice for one day.

  6. You really do the neatest things while working together with your grands and family. Pretty sure the grands will pass it on to their kids.
    However, all that work and no one was drinking apple juice at the dinner table unless those two red cups held the marvelous brew.

  7. Your family is the greatest! I hope you know how blessed you all are. Press on!

  8. Family values! Your family certainly has them in spades. I love to see the pictures of all your fun celebrations together and everyone getting along over shared work, fun, and food. (ah, the food...)

  9. Fun weekend! What a great family project:)

  10. You have such a special family. You all look so happy to be together. Looks like a fun day!

  11. You've so many great family traditions and such a special family! Thanks for including us in your fun!

  12. You have THE MOST INCREDIBLE family get togethers. What delicious fun!


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