Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bayview Farm and Garden Center.

Not far from our cabin in Whidbey Island is this wonderful nursery and garden store. Even though they are undergoing extensive renovation, the owners still provide the shoppers with wonderful color and visual beauty. 

 Fall brings such fun plants and decor. 

 The drizzle was captured beautifully in this plant that I'm sure Peter can name. 

I don't approve of spray painting heather, but it does make a great display. 

Happy Halloween, everyone!
Don't forget to turn back time!


  1. Such pretty Fall displays! I couldn't help but admire the Red Primroses in that one photo! :)

  2. You have some super garden centers. My little goblins have come and gone. We only had 5 kids this year.

  3. Such a nice garden center. You do have plenty of them around you, and I really don't know how I would manage to keep my purchases down if I lived nearby. :-)

  4. I love those succulent jade plants. So pretty!

  5. Love that place, reminds me I want to do succulents on my patio next summer. Hot and dry here in E WA.

  6. Such lovely photos! Makes me want to head to the Farmer's Market . . . except that ours closed yesterday. :(
    I tried to get out and go, but it rained buckets and buckets here all day, and decided against it.

  7. I would be spending sooooo much time (and $) there!


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